Sunday, September 11, 2005

When Did I Stop Being a Barbie & Become Mrs. Potato Head?

When Did I Stop Being a Barbie & Become Mrs. Potato Head?
Learning to Embrace the Woman You've Become
By Mary Piece

What the book says: She's so much more real and full of fun than Barbie ever could be.And she knows how to laugh like only those who have discovered the humor, heart, and wisdome of true womanhood can laugh. Give her room toromp with this hilarious collection of zany, true-life stories by Mary Pierce.

If You love to kick off your shoes and laugh your socks off over the foibles and absurdities of life, this book is for you. Mrs. Potato Head's hormones are out of whack. Her memory is held together by sticky notes. But she's got a sense of humor that just won't quit, and she's learned to accpet and enjoy herself as she is - because God does.

What I say: Awesome book. It's targeted towards older women, but us younger ones can relate too. Plus, it gives us some insight to what is ahead of us and how we can deal with it. When she talks about misplacing reading glases, I can relate even though I don't need reading glasses (yet). However, I do misplace chapsticks all the time. At the moment I have four chapsticks: work locker, home, backpack, purse, pocket... they get around. When she talks about her memory going, I completely relate. At youth camp, I use post-it notes to remind me what times the girls want to get up. I use post-it notes to remind my self of things, yet I still forget them anyway. When she talks about having an empty nest, I will know what my mother will go through when we all fly the coop. When she talks about hormonal wars, I completely understand that. Any woman at any age would! I definitely recommend this book to any woman who wants a good laugh and some inspiration through the tough times.

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