Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anyone have a copy of the OC Register????

I think it was either in Monday or Tuesday's paper of the OC Register. Anyone out there still have a copy they're willing to give up????

Dodgers rely on $5 million bargain

The Dodgers' Randy Wolf has been as consistent as any starting pitcher they've had.

Wolf paying big dividends for Dodgers

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

I know since baseball season started, my blog has been neglected of late. And anytime I get on here, it's usually baseball talk and nothing but baseball talk. Looking back, I'm amazed I only had ONE entry in June. Wow. That was also the month where I went to nearly every Dodger home game, and I was sick for about two/three weeks. I think it was the flu. I had a temperature and the energy sucked out of me. Since then... let me do a quick summary.

July: Other than baseball games ... it was my last month of work. Our last day was supposed to be August 1st. Then it got moved up a few days when we only had a couple of racks of merchandise left by the last week.

Since being unemployed, I've done nothing much other than going to baseball games. I was telling friends the other day that I couldn't remember the last time I had fast food. Because now, I only leave the house to pick up family (mom and brother mostly), go to church, or go to games (well baseball related things, but I just said games knowing how they felt about that). It's true. I haven't been getting out much. I went out a little more last week to get my laptop and things for it. Other than that, I've been at home. The first week after being out of work, I was still waking up around ten or so. After that, my nocturnal habits kicked in, along with getting up even later. Is it redundant to call myself a night owl? Is there such a thing as a day owl?

Guess since not too many people comment on here, I'm never sure how many people read this thing. LOL, okay, other than Roberto who has admitted to reading my blog.

I'll try to keep the rest of this short. I don't like to be up and writing at three in the morning because everything seems doom and gloomier at three in the morning. Maybe that's when T.J. Simer and Bill Plaschke write their articles. At three in the morning, that's things seem more hopeless and the antidepressants have worn off. Just kidding about the antidepressants. I'm not on any. Long story short? Even though I love being single. I love being independent. I love being to do things as a single woman ... I am lonely. There. I said it. It may not be there long. But I said it. It doesn't happen very often. Usually more so after I read another silly romance novel where the two main characters always fall in love in a matter of days or weeks. At this point, I'm not even sure what love is sometimes. Even more so... I start to wonder if it's even possible. For me, I mean. I guess that's part of the reason why I am so fanatical about the Dodgers. It's something for me to focus on. So I don't have to notice this nagging little hole in my heart. A hole that I don't want to be there. That I don't want to know is there. A hole I try to cover up. A hole that only opens up at three in the morning.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Is it plagiarism when...

You copy and paste something out of wikipedia onto your own blog???

I was checking some blogs that I follow and I noticed this one blog mentioned Matt Kemp's monster homerun on Saturday. The blogger then posted this:

Willie Stargell is the only person to ever hit two home runs out of Dodger Stadium. His first was a 506 foot bomb off of pitcher Alan Foster on August 5th 1969, and the other was a 470 foot shot off of Andy Messersmith on May 8th 1973.

It wasn't for over 30 years before Mike Piazza became the second player and only Dodger (until yesterday) to ever hit a home run out of the park. On September 21st 1997, Mike Piazza hit a 478 foot home run off of San Francisco Giant pitcher Mike Lansing.

July 17th 1998, Mark McGwire hit the longest home run at 511 ft over the right field pavilion at Dodger Stadium against pitcher Brian Bohanon.

Now, I thought I've heard Vin Scully said there were five players or five times that a homerun has been hit out of Dodger Stadium. Or was it the loge level? I may be wrong. So, I started searching the web for an answer. I found this on wikianswers posted by Smokefan21. Unless Smokefan21 and the blogger are the same people, I found it interesting that it was word for word except for one little insert the blogger added ...

Willie Stargell is the only person to ever hit two home runs out of Dodger Stadium. His first was a 506 foot bomb off of pitcher Alan Foster on August 5th 1969, and the other was a 470 foot shot off of Andy Messersmith on May 8th 1973.

It wasn't for over 30 years before Mike Piazza became the second player and only Dodger to ever hit a home run out of the park. On September 21st 1997, Mike Piazza hit a 478 foot home run off of San Francisco Giant pitcher Mike Lansing.

July 17th 1998, Mark McGwire hit the longest home run at 511 ft over the right field pavilion at Dodger Stadium against pitcher Brian Bohanon.

Coincidence? I'll leave that up to you. I didn't say who the blogger was, for anonymity sake. But this blogger also takes photos from the web and posts them on the blog without giving credit to the where it came from. If this blogger ever takes one of my photos without permission, you better watch out!

[And yes, I did copy and paste this DIRECTLY from my other blog ... but I won't get mad at myself for copying and pasting my own stuff]

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bobblehead, beach balls, bad night (8-19-09)

Bobblehead, beach balls, bad night (8-19-09)
Let's see if tonight's game can fit into one post. And yes, I tried to get the subject to be an alliteration.
It didn't take long for the beach balls to come out. The two guys in front of us didn't like it when they started popping up. I don't care for them either. I usually ignore them. One of the guys said he would hit over the railing (which he did). The other guy said he would pop it. Which he did. Which then led to a debacle that lasted the rest of the game. He didn't pop it. But he did deflate it. He said he came to watch the game, and if they wanted to play with beach balls they should go to the beach.

Then the boos started raining down, followed by peanuts! I'm serious.

Want to know what the rest of the night was like? Read about it here @ LEAVes of Dodger Blue

Plus, see what other kinds of "inflatable" objects were smuggled into Dodger Stadium that night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Casey Blake Autograph Signing

We passed time mostly by conversing with one another. The funniest conversation revolved around why all the women thought Andre Ethier was the hottest Dodger. The guys asked me for my opinion, after all, I am a girl. I had to think about it. Because, I do have to admit, he’s pretty good looking. But as the hottest guy on the team? Not sure. Everyone has their own opinions. As I’m pondering who the hottest player is, one of the guys realize what he was saying and goes… “I can’t believe I’m even in this conversation” or something like that. Then Roberto realizes, “Oh yeah, you’re not a regular girl fan. You’re a stats fan.” Lol, guess that’s why he’s been calling me a funny fan on the web.

The parking lot directly in front of the sports shop was blocked off. They brought in a Mizuno truck, tables, and merchandise out later on. The problem was, the other stores were not willing to share the lot with the fans lined up for the autograph signings. I got there early, so I got a nice parking spot. As people were arriving, the owner of the donut shop would come out and question the people. If they were here for the autograph signing, they were told they couldn’t park there. I got nervous and went to my car. There was a sign there that said parking was only for the donut shop and the pet shop. I don’t remember seeing that sign there earlier. There happened to be a spot behind Alex on the street, so I moved my car there.

Want to read more? Find the rest at LEAVes of Dodger Blue,

My Take on Jonathan Broxton

After Jonathan Broxton blew the save on Saturday, I knew everyone was going to be all over him. What was it? His third blow save in five chances? Sure enough. It was just like Wednesday all over again. Except instead of everyone bashing Guillermo Mota, it was Jonathan Broxton. It's kinda funny how on Wednesday, there were tons of callers who wanted to know why Broxton wasn't put in on Wednesday. Yet, on Saturday, there were just as many callers who wanted to know why Broxton WAS put in on Saturday. Then today, I was listening to the Mason and Ireland show on 710 ESPN (because they actually talk sports over there, whereas I only listen to KABC when the game is on and for Dodger Talk). They were asking people about what Joe Torre should do with Jonathan Broxton. Plan A) Keep putting him in there. Plan B) take him out of the closer role and put Sherrill in instead. Those were basically the two sides. How about some stats now?

Jonathan Broxton is 7th in the NL with 25 saves in 30 save opportunities. That's at least five blown saves. Who are the top six ahead of Broxton? R. Franklin (Cardinals, 30/32 with 2 - 1 record); Heath Bell (Padres, 29/31 with a 5 - 2 record); Huston Street (Rockies, 29/30 with a 3 - 1 record); Brian Wilson (Giants 28/34 with 5 - 5 record); Trevor Hoffman (Brewers, 26/28 with 1 - 1 record); Francisco Rodriguez (Mets, 26/31 with a 3 - 4 record). Broxton also has more wins than anyone else (7) and no losses. Brad Lidge, last year's closer extraordinarre is 10 with 23 saves in 31 chances, has a record of 0 - 5.

Read the rest here: LEAVes of Dodger Blue at

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Quick Question

Do you prefer reading my Dodger game entries on this blog or my MLB blog? I can post on both, but I don't know if anyone is actually reading them. I've been trying to catch up and keep up with posting this week, as I am quite behind. And I haven't seen any recent comments, so I'm not sure. Maybe I just cover everything so there's no need for comments. Just wondering.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

My favorite security guys at work

They're the blonde guy and the hispanic guy (the second one) who tackled the runner.

Excerpt from my Dodger Blog about getting hit by a baseball

No Dodger got hit today ... but I sure did!

After two Dodgers getting plunked yesterday, none got hit today. However... I did!

I'm sitting at Cat's seat, watching Russell warm up Never saw it coming till it bounced off the padding of the wall and hit me in the mouth.It bounced to my right and someone else got it. I got up, bleeding...

LEAVes of Dodger Blue

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An excerpt from my Dodger blog

Cat came down and gave me a copy of the Dodger magazine. I was flipping through it, mainly looking for Erika's nephew. He's supposed to be in one of the upcoming Dodger magazines. He was dressed like Manny the first home-game after Manny's suspension was over. Wouldn't you know it? I didn't find him but I did find this ..
August 2009.jpg

ME!!!! I was in shock. Not a flattering picture, but still. I was in the Dodger magazine!!!

After batting practice was over, I headed up to my seat. I purchased this as part of my twelve-game mini-plan. When I got up there, I noticed this cloud layer that I realized ... that's the smoke from the fire that's off the 134 freeway!
2009-08-04 031.jpg

The game started off well enough. Kuroda struck out the first two batters, and before you knew it, it was the Dodgers turn to bat. The Dodgers came close to batting around the in first inning. By the time the second inning began. Kuroda had a very nice lead to go with.
2009-08-04 230.jpg

Matt Kemp making a beautiful slide to score!

Unfortunately, Kuroda got disctracted when a fan decided to make a dumb move and sprint onto the field. He waved to Manny as he passed him too! The security eventually caught up with him. Great job by security! Especially since I know two of the guys who tackled him. The two who had to run back to their regular spots once the guy was carted off. Game resumed ... and the Brewers got on board with three runs! Uh-oh, that means... we're only up by one run!

If you want to see the rest of of the entry, go to LEAVes of Dodger Blue at

I will try to post more about the other games I've gone to and autograph signings too! There's already an entry up about all the signings I went to in June.