Friday, August 26, 2005

First job

I start my first real job on Monday in the Glendale Galleria. I turned in my job application on Thursday, interviewed the next day, and then on Tuesday I filled out the paperwork. I got my work schedule, and I only work three days next week. I'm only a temp, so I work whenever they need me to work. And if things work out good, I have myself a permanent job. Well, as permanent as permanent can be. Right now, they just need a part-timer, so hopefully that'll be okay. Since I'm still living with my parents, part-time work is okay. But, what happens when I move out? I don't know if that'll be enough money. I may have to get a second job, or a new one period. I'm really nervous about starting work. I've worked before, but never a real job. I baby-sat, worked at school, and worked for my family. But I've never had to worry about doing a good job to keep my job. This time, if I mess up, it means I can lose my job. Of course, before, if I messed up, I could've lost the job I had. But it doesn't seem to weigh as much as this one. Plus, I had to get this job entirely on my own. I didn't have to go through my school or family or someone I know to get this job. What if I can't do it? What if I'm not cut for retail work? After all... what do I know about fashion? My favorite clothes to wear are things that are comfortable... shorts, tank top, flip flops (if it's warm out). What do I know about colors, what's in and what's not, what goes together? How am I going to know the different between blue slate and periwinkle blue? Or sable and tan? I know mroe about books and music than I do about clothes. What if this doesn't work out? I'm out of a job and have to start all over. Maybe the clothing business isn't for me.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Newsboys and Casting Pearls

I got to see Newsboys again. How about that, eh? Thanks to seeing them perform at the Six Flags Hallelujah Jubilee, I became an instant Newsboys fan. Since April, I went to owning only one CD (which I didn't even buy) to owning all but two of their CDs. Actually, the first CD, I found it at the store and remembered Sherisse and Matt had it, so I wanted to get it. It was only a dollar, so my friend said he'd buy it for me, since I bought lunch. Well, the Newsboys concert was awesome. We were out at the Ventura County Fair. Right on the beach front. So, when the sun came down and the wind started blowing, it got really chilly. So, I clapped to keep my hands warm. It was fun. At one point, Peter Furler told even to get on their feet (you know, jumping up and down). Juan looked at our feet, and they were planted firmly on the ground. That was funny. Then, poor Shelley, got to hear me say Pete's words before he did. Not all of them, just some of them. Half of what he said was the same as what he said at Six Flags. He did change it up a little bit. He said "preacher's kids" this time. Last time it was pastor's kids. My favorite was the "every time some cat came and preached about heaven and hell, I'm sure I gave my life to Christ 750 times" big pause "a month." I enjoyed the show. During breakfast, they had a cereal eating contest. Pete went around throwing cereal at the guys, and they tried to catch it in their mouths. On some of them (Phil and Bryan) you could see the cereal bounce off their teeth and make a huge arc over their heads. When it was Dunny's turn, he was playing the drums. Pete threw the cereal at him, but then Dunny got off his drum kit. i was thinking, "is he going to head to the tour bus and eat all the food?" (You have to see the Pennsylvania concert to know what I'm talking about). Instead, Pete got behind the drum kit and started playing. Dunny came around with the cereal box and threw a handful at Pete this time. Jeff threw one too.

And... guess what came in the mail yesterday? My CASTING PEARLS CD. That's the other band that Bry is in. So far my favorite song is "Alright." Probably cuz I've heard it so many times already on KLOVE. I'm still wondering about my Todd Agnew CD. Should've been here last week. Still no sign of it. I hope it didn't get lost in the mail.