Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Car and phone update

As promised, here are the pictures of the "night".

My passenger side window was completely gone. I barely noticed it wasn't there at first. Then I saw the glass every where and put two and two together, and let me tell you. It did not equal four because I was missing a window!

It seems like our would-be thieves at the church tend to leave their tools behind! Once, they tried to take the tires off our Sunday school van and they left all their tools behind, including the jack that the van was still raised on and some eye glasses. Well, thankfully my tires were still all there, no eye glasses were found, but they did leave behind this giant screw driver that they had used to break into my car.

With some help from Nina, Kevin, and Juan, we got my passenger side saran wrapped. That however did not keep my car fresh. But it worked for the time being.

As for that update ... windows were fixed yesterday for $205. Sherisse took me to where her dad took her car when they broke into her car a while ago. We dropped off the car and came back for it an hour and half later. All fixed, though there was a huge dent in my bank account.

Okay, so how many of you didn't think I'd last a day without a cell phone? Well, you were right. After work, I met up with Jack and Sol and the gang. Sol came to the mall to go to Lens Crafters, which happens to be right next to my work. I met with them afterwards and we had to go to the NEW Target to find the kids. On the way back, they stopped to talk to the TMobile Solutions people. Well, hook line and sinker, I ended up with a new phone and new phone number. If you need my new number, lemme know. Also while they were talking to the salespeople, I got my dinner. A pretzel. Okay, a pepperoni twist pretzel. Jeffrey suggested we go to the pretzel place. And I fell for the whole, "what kind of pretzel do you like" bit. He asked me what kind of pretzel did I like, I told him, and he bought mine even though I insisted that I was capable to paying for myself. I gotta say, since the last time I saw him, he's matured a lot.

So, all day, all I had was an apple fritter, white mocha, a smoothie, and a pretzel. It's weird going from having three good (and well balanced meals) at youth camp to coming home and eating hardly anything. Saturday I had chili cheese fries from Tommy's. That was my only meal. Okay, and two Drumsticks. Sunday, I ate well because I had lunch at Sol's (you always eat well when you're there) and pizza after church. What's on today's menu? I don't know. But I gotta get going if I'm gonna eat anything before work. The funny thing was, with what I ate yesterday, I stayed up all night reading the newest Harry Potter book. I didn't start getting hungry till around four, and I finished around six. I had to keep turning my light off around four because I thought I heard my dad moving around. Well, that's my update. And since I am with t-mobile now, I have unlimited texting! Yay!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things can't get any worse...

... RIGHT?

You'd think having my windshield looking like it does would be bad enough. Guess what? After church tonight, we had pizza downstairs. I looked at the clock and saw it was time to take one of the kids from Sunday school home. We got to my car, which is parked right under the light in our parking lot, and I unlocked it. I opened my side and looked on the passenger side. I thought to myself... "why is the passenger side such a mess? I don't remember leaving stuff ... on ... it..." That's when I realized my passenger side window was COMPLETELY smashed in. There was nothing left of the window. Then I realized, my center console was open (both the top and the center), my glove compartment was open, and there was glass EVERYWHERE.

What was taken? My cell phone, which silly me, I left on my side of the car. My hand vacuum which I left in the passenger side. It was dead anyway. I had forgot to take it back inside the house to charge. A bunch of my Russell Martin baseball cards that I left in the top center console. They left a couple, but took most of them. That's about fifteen cards. No big deal. I got most of them off EBay anyway. I didn't even realize that till I saw the top center console was empty and I was trying to remember what was in it. Worse of all, since we didn't have orchestra tonight, I thought I'd be smart and put my clarinet in the back seat so I wouldn't forget it after church. I'm guessing whoever did this probably saw me put the clarinet back there and knew whose car to target. Funniest/weirdest thing they took? Erin's tank top that Nina left in the car.

My initial reaction was, what do I do? I went inside and told Brother Byron about it and he called the police. They took my report over the phone. Then I called my cell phone company to report my phone stolen. Funny thing was, three different people called my cell phone and said someone picked up on the other side. Shelley later told me when she saw me come down, she knew something was wrong because I looked freaked out and ready to cry. I really did feel like crying. JR said after church, he came outside and saw someone walked quickly out of the parking lot. He thinks that might have been the person. Oh yeah, they left what they used to break the windshield. A giant screw driver. It was big!

HOWEVER, I am thankful my camera wasn't in the car when it happened. I happened to have it in my purse tonight. I am thankful nothing else was taken. The biggest thing of course is the clarinet. Other than that, nothing really serious. They left the stereo, they left all my CDs and CD cases (there were a few that were autographed). The stereo was the company stereo, so it probably would've been harder to pry out of the car. Another thing I'm thankful for? Instead of getting both windows replaced two separate times, I can now do it all at once? See, if I had replaced my windshield yesterday, I'd have to go back and get my passenger side replaced tomorrow. Man, those repair people would be like, "Lady, you must have some luck!" Now I can just go to one place and get them both replaced at the same time.

Another thing that I am thankful for is that at least my car was broken into at church. Weird right Well, if it had happened at work or at home, I would be completely lost because I wouldn't know what to do. At least, since it happened at church, immediately I went straight to my pastor. He called it in and I gave the police the report over the phone. Then he helped me call in my phone to report it as stolen. They have Cingular, so they just dialed it in on their phone. Nina and Kevin helped clean out the car. Then Juan, Nina, and Kevin saran-wrapped the passenger side. We went to the quarter car wash and used their vacuum to get the rest of the glass cleaned up. My dad was really mad about the car being broken into. Firs thing he asked was why do I even go to church? Of course, I can never express this to him because I don't even know how to say this to him. I am thankful it happened at church, instead of somewhere else. Because it happened at church, I had this incredible support system around me that kept me from breaking down or really freaking out. Had it happened anywhere else, I don't know what I could have and would have done.

Here's some fun quotes to go with tonight's event.
From Juan, "Now you really have a ghetto car."
From Shelley, "Your car has more dents and bruises than a stray dog."

I would post pictures up, but I forgot my camera at Nina's house. I really don't want to go back and get it tonight, especially the shape my car is in. What a week(end) this has been for my poor car. Poor Turtle. First the tree branch on Thursday night, now this. I think Turtle deserves a treat once he gets some treatment.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Welcome home me...

In case you didn't know, I was gone this week at our annual Youth Camp. I'll go into details later about Youth Camp. Right now, I still have a lingering headache from the drive home. Funny. I had a headache from the drive to camp as well. When I got home, I laid down for a couple hours, trying to get the headache and queasiness to go away. My mom came home. After I ate, she asked me to go to Vons to buy some bottled water and stuff. That's when she tells me that a tree branch fell in our back yard. Guess what it landed on? My car. Don't believe me? Here are some pictures to prove it. Headache gets worse.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

10 - 3, there goes my record

Down the tube. That's my third loss so far, two in a row. Hmm maybe my lucky streak is over. The game could have been over and a victory to boot when Kemp dropped a fly ball. It looked like he didn't get a good jump on it. I saw Joe and Jose. They were in the row ahead of us. When I talked to Jose, the team was ahead. Then in the ninth inning, the Mets tied it up, and in the tenth, they scored the winning run. Russell struck out THREE times. And while Garciaparra managed to hit his third (?) home run of the season, he had the final at bat of the game and struck out. LOL I actually don't remember how many home runs he has. Furcal led the game off with a home run. The last four games my cousin and I have gone to, at least two Dodgers have homered.

July 8 - Martin and Ethier
July 18 - Ethier and Gonzo
July 19 - Kemp and Kent
July 22 - Furcal and Garciaparra

And we've got one more game left to go to. July 31st. Hopefully the Dodgers will get back in the winning groove! I told Jose that since the last time I saw them, I've gone to three games where they won two and lost one. He said I ought to go to more games. That's what he said last time. My response the first time was, well, if I go to more games, that means I'll get more losses. I liked my one game loss. But as long as I have more wins than losses, I'll be fine.

Friday, July 20, 2007

10 - 2 Frustrating day

13 - 9. That was the final score of tonight's game against the Mets. The only part of the tonight's game I'll mention is Loney is doing awesome at first! Towards the end of the game, eighth or ninth inning, he made another great catch! Kevin yells out, "Go Nomar!" I told him, "That's Loney." He asks me, "When did they switch?" I told him, "A couple weeks ago." That made a good laugh. I asked him, didn't he notice Loney was at first and Nomar was at third? What about the lineup and when they announced the players.

But that's not what got me mad. I came home and something come up. I got really mad about it. That may be something you're not aware of. I have my dad's temper. He gets really mad and breaks things. My brother's the same way. They like to slam and break.

I was so mad I wanted to throw something. So I did. I went outside and threw my softball around. That was after I emptied my airsoft clip. My clip holds like a hundred bb's. It didn't take me long to empty it. Since I was shooting at this shed in the dark, I wasn't really aiming for anything. There was a ladder leaned up against it. The bb would make a certain sound when it hit the ladder. It made another sound if it hit the shed. Then I turned my car lights on and aimed at the pears on our little pear tree. The neighbors are gonna find a couple little bb's in their backyards. Our backyard is certainly littered with them. There was also a bucket that I started shooting into. Sometimes the bb's would go round and round if it went it. There was also a little water in it. One made a nice splash. Some just bounced right back out. I even shot at my foot to see what it would feel like, shooting myself in the foot. The first two tries didn't work. My clip needed to be reloaded. Don't worry. I only did it once.

After I finished a clip and half, I put it down and grabbed my glove and softball. I started throwing the ball straight up and tried to catch it. Mind you, there are no lights in my backyard. So it was pretty dark. But it was light enough for me to make out the ball moving in the air. I got tired of throwing it up, so I started to aim for the wall. I missed completely and threw it onto the roof. Thankfully it kept going and landed on the other side of the house. Once I got done throwing the ball around, I took out my bats and took some practice swings. I wish I had a ball on a rope to throw over the clothes line and swing at it.

Was I done calming down? Yes and no. Yes, I went back inside the house only to leave a minute later. This time, I just sat in the car and shot into the passenger side. There was plastic bag that I shot into. That made it harder the the BB's to ricochet. However, sometimes the new bb hit an old one and sent that one flying.

Well, at least I discovered some ways to release a lot of pent up anger and frustration. There's probably about 150-200 bb's lying around my backyard and in my car.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

10 - 1

Another nail biter, that's for sure. When we were down, 3 - 1, then tied up, I wasn't sure what the outcome was gonna be. I was hoping for a Dodgers win so my record will stay at one loss.

Today's game wasn't planned. I had wanted to go to this game because it was a day game, 12:10 start. But I was scheduled to work 11 - 3. Work has been slow, so my boss has been cutting hours this week. My hours were cut today, so I was free to go to the game.

My cousin and I sat in Lower Reserve. Highlights of the game? Loney's awesome sliding catch in foul territory. Russell's amazing catch against the backstop netting (knocked the guy over on the other side). Ethier's home run. Gonzo's home run (which won the game). I missed the pitch that Saito threw that hit the ump. Guess it was all over the web and on TV. That's the hard part about not hearing the game. You don't know what's going on sometimes. Like last game when Kemp only played the first inning and was taken out. I didn't know what was going on. Lowlights? The catch that popped out the side of Gonzo's glove. The home run given to the Phillies.

Andre's home run!!!

This landed on the guy two rows in front of us. He didn't notice it. So, I leaned forward, and said: hey. hey. He turned around. Still didn't see it. Then I told him there was a bug on his shoulder.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dodged a bullet tonight

Okay, not literally.

Tonight was one of the games I was supposed to go to. Okay, so I had hoped to go to a lot of games this week. Tuesday was the night I had planned to go with Tanzy and her cousins. But that didn't work out. I wanted to go to tomorrow and Saturday's games because they were day games, but I have work both days. The games I am going to? Thursday and Sunday.

How did I dodge a bullet? If anyone paid attention to tonight's game, the Dodgers LOST. Big time. The final score was 15 - 3. FIFTEEN to THREE??? So, since I didn't go to tonight's game, my record remains 9 - 1, instead of dropping to 9 - 2 if I had gone. Well, my cousin said maybe the outcome would've been different if I had gone. Probably not. I think it would still be the same. Because it doesn't matter if I'm there or not. After all, it's not like it matters who's in attendance. It matters how the Dodgers are playing. And well... tonight, they dropped the ball.

Though I would've loved to have been there to watch the "Mike Lieberthal" highlight reel showing on the jumbo screen. Read this article and scroll down. It talks about how the last time Mike started, he got flowers and balloons. How hilarious!!!

As for dodging a bullet, I get to dodge vehicles all the time. Today, I was getting on the 110 from Riverside Drive and some jerk decides to try to run me off the road. The courteous thing to do is a) slow down and let the car get on the freeway, or b) change lanes. But nooo, he decides to keep speeding on, nearly pushing me off the freeway.

My cousin told me about this "Dummies" book for driving in L.A. One of the tips was, have AM 980 on your radio dial so you can get the traffic report on the one, every ten minutes. I asked her if the book mentioned anything about the fact that you can't get traffic reports when the Dodger game is on. I also asked her if that reminded her of me, because my radio is almost always on AM 980. I like to listen for traffic and sports reports.

I'm sad. Penny pitches Saturday. Hendrickson pitches Sunday. At least I get Lowe on Thursday.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"I'm looking for the Russell Martin girl"

That's what the guy said when I answered the door tonight after I got home from work. It was the neighborhood Dodger fan. Uhh for the sake of conversation, let's call him Roger the Dodger fan. Roger has come around a couple times. He's one of the neighborhood guys who likes to go out for walks. Shall I recap my encounters with Roger?

#1. I think I had just gotten home from getting food for my brother and he was walking by. He made some comments about the Dodgers, Russell "the muscle" Martin, and who's number 1.

#2. I just gotten home (again) and was getting ready to head out. He was walking by and he said hey and that he had a "vote for Russell" sticker for me. He said he'd bring it by and leave it on my car. Unfortunately, he caught me just as I was heading out. He came back and I was gone.

#3. He rang the doorbell just as I got home from work and changed. Again, I was headed out. He said he and a little buddy had been saving something for me. He had two Russell Martin tops baseball cards. They're the ones they hand out to kids 14 and under on Topps Tuesdays. He said he still had a sticker for me. Oh yeah. What did he say when he rang the door bell? "I'm looking for the Russell Martin girl."

Talk about a suicide squeeze

In case you don't know what a suicide squeeze is, it's a play in baseball. According to wikipedia, "In baseball, a squeeze play is a sacrifice bunt with a runner on third and fewer than two outs." Actually, what I was referring to in the title isn't really a suicide squeeze. I just hate being squeezed on the freeway, that's all. Every week, I get squeezed a couple times trying to get onto the freeway to go to work. Today, on my way back from the Long Beach Airport, I was in my lane when the car to my right started to veer into my lane. No problem, right? Except he was RIGHT next to me. So, I started to change lanes, but unfortunately there was a car to my left. I was able to veer enough to avoid collision with both vehicles, though it scared me to death for a few seconds. Also earlier this week, I was in my lane when the truck (think pick-up, not semi) started to change lanes. Only problem was, he was neither in front of me nor behind me. He was next to me! What is going on here? Do I need a bigger car so people will stop trying to squeeze me out of my lane and into the next car?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camp Meeting is almost over

Looking at Stacy's blog about camp meeting, it made me think that I have been thinking about the things I do miss and not miss about camp meeting this year.

Things I miss
1) Participating in the young people's services. This is probably the only time I get to.
2) The incredible prayer meetings we have
3) Hearing all the different testimonies. I forgot how much I missed this till I heard the first testimony of the 2007 Camp Meeting.
4) Singing the good ol' camp meeting songs. Well, most of them. Some of them were just too high for me, or in a odd key.

Things I don't miss
1) Being on the big screen in the tabernacle
2) Trying to keep any and all electronic devices fully (or partially) charged, i.e. camera batteries, cell phone batteries, and so forth.
3) Rushing from lunch to young people's choir practice.
4) My feet being dusty, dirty, and probably cracked and dried.
5) Remembering to put my name tag on. Looks like the tags came back this year.
6) The thumping of my heart as I contemplated getting in the LONG line on the platform to testify. Maybe it's more the line than the thumping.

I think it's interesting when they use the same music from the previous year. LOL I was watching the first Sunday young people's meeting and already I recognized the second orchestra number and the choir number. In fact, I'm glad they did the same choir number because it was my favorite choir song from last year!

The nice thing about being home, besides sleeping in my own bed, is catching the baseball games. But, of course, this time last year, I didn't really care for baseball at the time. This year, I got to catch a day game (on a Sunday, nonetheless) and the all star game. Too bad Russell didn't fare too well. He went 0 for 3, but he did get to tag out A-Rod. Now that was cool. Anyone else catch Russell's final at-bat? That's the second time I've heard him let out an expletive after he knew he popped out. This time, it was a different one.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

9 - 1

Just when I thought my record was going to be 8 - 2, the Dodgers didn't let me down. After losing the first two game of the series to the Marlins, I was afraid the Marlins were going to bring the broom and sweep my boys during this last game before the All Star Break. Couple things from today's game. Top of first inning, Pierre made a great dive but didn't get the ball. Instead of being booed, the crowd cheered and encouraged him. Well, the crowd sitting behind me was anyway. Bottom of the first inning, Martin doesn't get much time to warm up on the on-deck circle. Guess he didn't need much time because as soon as he gets up to bat, he rockets the ball out to the left field box seats. Home run, Martin!!! The first inning sent all nine batters up to bat, going through the line up. Grady Little had to come out to the first base after Matt Kemp got there. It looked like he might have been hurt, but he stayed in for the rest of first inning. When the players came back out for the top of the second, Andre was in right field!!! Yay!!! Looks like Andre followed his buddy closely, because at Andre's first at-bat, what did he do? Sent a rocket into the right field pavilion, scoring Russell and Nomar. After Russell scored his third run in the fourth inning, they put in Lieberthal. Guess they wanted to make sure Russell was well rested and ready for his trip to Frisco. Lieberthal didn't do too bad. One for two. Russell ended up with two for two, plus a walk. Hendrickson didn't do too bad this time out. I was a bit worried that I might walk away with my second loss of my Dodger visiting days.

There were these two guys two seats over from me with a little girl, who was probably around two. I think they were making fun of me and my "Russell Martin" obsession. They were talking in Spanish, but I think that was what was going on. The little girl was adorable. She came over to me twice. I don't think the guys liked it too much. The first time, one of them was trying to get her to drink some water. She wanted to show me her doll, her "baby." I got her to go back to get some water. The second time, one of the guys was gone. She came over and asked me where he went. Then she tried to get me to put her hat on. I told her, no, her hat was too small for me and I had my own hat. She was sooo cute. She didn't want to go back, but the guy came and picked her up. And then there was this family two rows behind us. The entire row behind us was empty. So they draped their legs and let their feet hang over the seat. The dad got really mad about something. He left eventually. I'm not sure what was going on. I was paying attention to the game, but I heard a little bit of what was going on.

In case you haven't already heard about it, in the top of the ninth inning, some shirtless idiot decided to waste our time and get on the field. Security tackled him, and then some other guy decided he wanted to get kicked out of the stadium as well. Security had a little harder time to tackle him. But, security had a little easier time getting him off the field. They had to carry the first guy off.

According to what I read, it was about 80 degrees out. And about 44 thousand were in attendance. Well, the right field pavilion was pretty full. But the rest of the stadium didn't really look like it had that many people. As for the heat, but by the sixth inning, I was sweating up a lake. I'm glad I had mesh shorts on. But I was a little worried about getting a big ol' sweat stain. Also, I had gotten a souvenir cup before the game started. Halfway through, my soda was already warm. Thankfully, we brought three water bottles to the game. One of them was frozen solid. Who knows how many days that bottle had been in there. It melted quick. Good idea for the next day game I'm going to. Freeze a couple bottle of waters days before the game.

I had learned my lesson from the last day game I went to. Before we left the house, I made sure Joanne and I put on some sun block. However, during the game, I tucked my shirt under my strap, exposing more of my shoulder to the sun. The part of my shoulder that didn't get sun block on turned red, obviously burned. So now, my arm is mostly tanned except for this strip of red where I got burned.

Final score of the game? 9 - 3. Three runs in the first, five runs in the second. Great way to end the first half of the season!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Andre Ethier kept my sharpie

I'm sure he didn't mean to. He set it down and we didn't pick it up. The guy had a dozen pens and sharpies. How was he supposed to remember the one he was using was mine? It's not like we were the hundredth person and hundredth and one person in line. Actually, we were fifth and sixth in line.

"In line for what?" you may ask.

To get his autograph, duh!

Joanne (my 12 year old cousin who is visiting from North Carolina, a Los Angeles native) and I got up a little after seven this morning, went to Starbucks (and Winchells, but I never got to eat my croissant) before heading out to Penske MotoCars in West Covina. According to the instructions I printed out, I ended up at Penske Mercedes MotoCars. The right one I was looking for was on the other side of the freeway. Fortunately, it was only 8, and the thing didn't start till noon. We got there and the employees there didn't know where to direct us. There was another guy and his three kids who arrived at 7. We hung around for the next couple hours, as the employees sent us into another area. A manager arrived and asked us to take a seat so we weren't standing in the middle of their show room. Another guy arrived later. He remembered me from the Earl Scheib signing. He was in front of our group. He joined us for the next three hours. Apparently a line started to form at the gate outside. We were unaware of this, since we had been inside the whole time.

My cousin thought it was funny how I talked to the guy before us (let's call him Joe) and the guy behind us (let's call him Jose) (and yes, I thought about doing the whole Jose and JoseB thing) like if I knew them my entire life. Considering I don't even know their names! It's quite interesting. Okay, so Jose and I talked because he mentioned the Scheib signing. I told him I've gone to eight or nine games and they've won every game that I've paid to go to. The only time they lost when I was in attendance was when I got free tickets from the La Mirada signing. Jose said I ought to go to more games. He said he went to the fireworks night and bobblehead night games and they lost. He joked how he had to drive out to Arizona for the team to win.

In fact, he drove out Saturday for the Monday game. AND on Sunday night, he and his buddy were hanging out at some club and guess who he ran into?!?!? RUSSELL MARTIN and Matt Kemp. RUSSELL MARTIN!!!! EEEEKKK!! Jose showed me the picture, and in it, Russell is just holding a water bottle. Good choice of beverage there, Turtle.

Okay, back to the Andre thing. The manager said since there is a line formed outside, and we have been waiting inside (the nice air conditioned building) and we got there early, we would be guaranteed to be in front of the line. Around 1o:30 they led us out to the side entrance where the line would start. They brought the line from the gate to join us. I was surprised there weren't as many people at this signing than at La Mirada or even Earl Scheib.

A little before noon, they brought us inside. Jose told me about how at the Ron Cey (?) signing, he was the only one who cheered when Cey walked in. Like at La Mirada and Scheib, everyone cheered when Ethier and Martin showed up. When they brought us to the show room again, Joe asked if at La Mirada if there was one chair or two set up behind the desk. At La Mirada, they had a comfy desk chair set up. This one two basic wooden desk chairs. We wondered if he was bringing someone else along. Well, he did. His wife. But she didn't sit down with him. Anyway, when Ethier showed up, Jose started clapping and no one else was really cheering with him. I chimed in a little. It was funny because it also echoed through the show room.

Ethier went into the office with the manager. He shook Jose's hand on the way. Meanwhile, the KFWB crew handed out wrist bands and free tickets to the July 22nd game against the Mets. Sweet. It was funny. Jose asked me if Joanne was my daughter. Mind you. We're 10 years apart. Though, she is just as tall as I am now. Then later, Jose was asking one of the crew guys about the autographing thing because there was a stack of 8x10 photos on the desk. The guy started talking about "mom here" and I must've had a look on my face. He must've thought Jose and I were Joanne's parents. Again with the "mom" thing.

Joanne and I went up together. I let her get the photo signed first. He looked at the photo and asked who took it. I said I did. He said, "You took it? I like it, it's a good action shot. Good form." Then I handed him my sunglasses to sign. He said, "You want me to sign the glasses too?" He sees Russell's autograph on one side. "Hey, that's my man! I tried to drag him out today with me. He's asleep. He sleeps in all day." So... Russell likes to sleep in all day? Sounds good to me!

How long did it take for my to realize we left my silver sharpie there? About twenty minutes. Joanne wanted to go to the Westfield West Covina mall. We got there and I was emptying my pockets and putting stuff in my purse. That's when I discovered I was missing my silver Sharpie. I asked Joanne if she had it. She said no. Then I realized, "Andre Ethier has my Sharpie!" I was too nervous and excited to ask for a 8x10 photo and I forgot all about my Sharpie. Though it makes for a interesting blog title.

After the signing, I had to do my house sitting duties, shower, and go to work. I was so tired when I got off work. I got home and sat in front of the TV to watch the rest of the Dodger game. Nina called me and asked me a question about Smallville. I had to go online to look it up. But I was so tired. I told Nina, "this is how tired I am. I just sat down and I can't get back up." I didn't want to get back up. So I sat there a few seconds more before getting up.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Martin an ALL-STAR

YEA!!!! They announced the starters for this year's All Star teams. And Russell made it!!! Yay!!!! It was so cute. Of course, for the post game show they talked with Russell. AMartinez asked him, when you get into the clubhouse and to your cell phone, who are you going to call first, mom or dad? Russell says he's gonna flip a coin, heads he'll call dad, and tails, he'll call mom. I thought that was very cute.

Anyway, today was the first day of Camp Meeting. It is a very odd feeling to know it's going on in Portland and know that I'm here in L.A. Not there. LOL I went to work this morning and my boss laughed when she saw me. Guess I looked tired. Well, I'll be looking tired for a while. It was nice though to have every other day off after that eight-day stretch where I didn't have a day off. I'm looking forward to catching some sleep tonight!