Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Car and phone update

As promised, here are the pictures of the "night".

My passenger side window was completely gone. I barely noticed it wasn't there at first. Then I saw the glass every where and put two and two together, and let me tell you. It did not equal four because I was missing a window!

It seems like our would-be thieves at the church tend to leave their tools behind! Once, they tried to take the tires off our Sunday school van and they left all their tools behind, including the jack that the van was still raised on and some eye glasses. Well, thankfully my tires were still all there, no eye glasses were found, but they did leave behind this giant screw driver that they had used to break into my car.

With some help from Nina, Kevin, and Juan, we got my passenger side saran wrapped. That however did not keep my car fresh. But it worked for the time being.

As for that update ... windows were fixed yesterday for $205. Sherisse took me to where her dad took her car when they broke into her car a while ago. We dropped off the car and came back for it an hour and half later. All fixed, though there was a huge dent in my bank account.

Okay, so how many of you didn't think I'd last a day without a cell phone? Well, you were right. After work, I met up with Jack and Sol and the gang. Sol came to the mall to go to Lens Crafters, which happens to be right next to my work. I met with them afterwards and we had to go to the NEW Target to find the kids. On the way back, they stopped to talk to the TMobile Solutions people. Well, hook line and sinker, I ended up with a new phone and new phone number. If you need my new number, lemme know. Also while they were talking to the salespeople, I got my dinner. A pretzel. Okay, a pepperoni twist pretzel. Jeffrey suggested we go to the pretzel place. And I fell for the whole, "what kind of pretzel do you like" bit. He asked me what kind of pretzel did I like, I told him, and he bought mine even though I insisted that I was capable to paying for myself. I gotta say, since the last time I saw him, he's matured a lot.

So, all day, all I had was an apple fritter, white mocha, a smoothie, and a pretzel. It's weird going from having three good (and well balanced meals) at youth camp to coming home and eating hardly anything. Saturday I had chili cheese fries from Tommy's. That was my only meal. Okay, and two Drumsticks. Sunday, I ate well because I had lunch at Sol's (you always eat well when you're there) and pizza after church. What's on today's menu? I don't know. But I gotta get going if I'm gonna eat anything before work. The funny thing was, with what I ate yesterday, I stayed up all night reading the newest Harry Potter book. I didn't start getting hungry till around four, and I finished around six. I had to keep turning my light off around four because I thought I heard my dad moving around. Well, that's my update. And since I am with t-mobile now, I have unlimited texting! Yay!

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MsPoppins20 said...

Yay for getting your windows fixed! I was afraid that it would cost you way more than that (I've heard horror stories) but it seems that you did alright. About the not eating very much, when my parents are gone I am the same exact way. And since I am moving out on my own in 2 weeks, I am really wondering how much I will actually eat. I just forget to make it or get too busy. We will see!