Sunday, November 26, 2006

Anyone missing a cow?

Because we found one on the highway!

It was too funny. Since Sunday services were canceled here in L.A., a couple of us decided to venture up to Tehachapi to join them for theirs. A couple meant two cars: Jack's and mine. On the way back, we had just gotten on the highway when lo and behold: tail lights! Up ahead, we could see two highway patrol cars at the front line, doing their thing where they block/slow down traffic. Finally, they got on the side (one to the left, one to the right) to let the traffic go. They had their lights on and pointed to our right side. I look to see what the lights are pointed at, and there's this COW on the side of the road! Hilarious!

Going to Tehachapi is always fun. On the way from the Stallers to the church, I was following Jack and he took the "scenic" route to the church. And then on the way home, Nina spotted a Starbucks in Palmdale. We got off, got our drinks, and I got on the only freeway onramp I could find. Unfortunately, it was headed in the wrong direction. However, we did manage to get home only ten minutes after Jack and company did. So, not bad for timing.