Thursday, August 31, 2006

At last!!!!!!!!!!

For the last couple of days, I have been struggling to get on here! I don't know why, but every time I tried to log in, I ended up on my gmail account instead of my blog. Weird, huh? Finally I got in today and changed my password, so hopefully that helps.

Argh. For days I've been looking for my nail clippers, and I've given up on finding them. Now tonight, I'm looking for the battery charger for my camera. Guess what I found? My nail clippers. Don't you love when that happens?

To continue on from my April post, to anyone who wants to know, I am not interesting in anyone. I was just asked the other week, and the answer is no. I give up. The bus isn't coming and the bus isn't stopping for me.

Let's see... our new pastor and his family arrived on Saturday. After the ladies' bible study, I took Nina home. On the way to her house, we went to Starbucks. Afterwards, we were going to drive by the parsonage to see if the Parkers had arrived yet. Well, there's a stop sign right before their block. The car in front of us stopped there, and we stopped behind it. Nina recognized the car as the Parkers! Sarah saw us and waved back. LOL we didn't mean to drive up just as they did. We just got caught.

This week I talked to two people I really didn't expect to talk to. Now I just need to hear from one more person to make it complete.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Musical Performances

So, last weekend was the Harvest Crusade in Anaheim. Shelley and I went on Saturday night. What could've been a 45 minute drive took practically two hours. Lovely southern california traffic. We missed the worship service with the Harvest Crusade band. We heard most of it while we were making our way to the Stadium and trying to find seats. We were on the bottom part of the third level to the left of the stadium (if you're facing the stadium). We got there just in time for Joy Williams' performance. She sang "Stay," "We," "Hide," and "By Surprise." Towards the end of her performance, I saw someone moving around on the second stage. They had two stages, kinda in an L shape. The other guy wasn't wearing any shoes, so I was like, "hey, that's Todd Agnew!" He came on and sang "In the Middle of Me," "Let Everything that Has Breath Praise the Lord," and "Grace Like Rain." Crystal Lewis came on and sang "People Get Ready," "Lord, I Believe in You," and "Just Sing." She also sang "Come, Just As You Are" at the end of each night.

On Sunday, we got there earlier but we ended way up in the third section. We were like probably fifteen or so rows from the top. But we were in front of the stage this time. MercyMe came on first and sang "So Long Self," "In the Blink of an Eye," "Bring the Rain," "I Can Only Imagine," and "Word of God Speak." Then came the NEWSBOYS!!!! They sang "Blessed Be Your Name," "He Reigns," "Shine," "I Am Free," and "It Is You."

THEN on Wednesday, I went to the Grove to see Mat Kearney perform. He sang "Undeniable," "Crashing Down," a new song he wrote in Chicago on Valentine's day (On the Road), then he went over to the keyboard and sang "In the Middle," "All I Need" (which he wrote in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina. He snuck into a high school gymnasium and wrote it). After that, he went back to his guitar and sang "Nothing Left to Lose." Too bad Paul Colman already has the "One Man, One Guitar" slogan because that's what Mat is. One Man, One Guitar/Keyboard. I've seen him twice, and so far he hasn't performed with backup. Well, at Six Flags, Pete and Jeff came out to play with him. Afterwards, he was at Barnes and Noble for an autograph signing. I got my "Nothing Left to Lose" CD thingy signed and a picture taken with him!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Job opportunity

Hey, I need ya'll to pray for me about a new job opportunity. Yesterday, I was checking my e-mail during my day off. There was an email from a librarian at PCC (the college I go to), and she sends out job announcements to all the library students at PCC. Normally I don't pay too much attention to these, since usually I'm underqualified. The last one I considered was at Franklin High, which was close by. But the hours and pay wasn't what I was looking for. Then yesterday's email didn't catch my eye either... until I looked at the bottom of the email and saw who the email was coming from. It was the SAME librarian I worked for when I was in high school! I called her up, and she didn't recognize me at first. But when she finally did... she got really excited! And I got really excited! I didn't think I had a chance getting this job, and I still don't. But I'm gonna try. I'm gonna try.

So, what is the job? I went online today and got the application and the job descrition. The title is library coordinater, and the qualifications is just a high school graduate and two years experience. Now, guess what the pay is? Right now, I'm working 12-22 hours a week, getting paid 10/hour. The monthly salary is 2358-3015 /month (Range 39 - whatever that means). That's more than double what I make now when I was working full-time! And this is a FULL-TIME position.

So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for me and if this is the Lord's will it will work out. And if it isn't the Lord's will, that's all right with me.

Monday, August 07, 2006

You know you're tired when...

... you only have one freeway to take to work, and you end up on the wrong one!

Yup, that happened to me this morning. To go to work, I usually take just the 5 freeway. Well, the onramp is right before the 2 Freeway, and if you don't change lanes, guess which freeway you end up on. I was in such a fog on my way to work, that I didn't realize I was on the 2 Freeway until I was halfway to the first exit. By then, I realized I was no longer on the 5 freeway and I had to take the 134 Freeway to get to work. Now that's sad. Instead of taking one freeway to work, I had to take two.

On the bright side... I went to get my mocha at Gloria Jean's and Johonny/Juan/whatever-his-name-is mentioned that he hadn't seen me in awhile. HE NOTICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh.

Why was I tired this morning? Well, we did have youth camp last week. Saturday was my recharge day and what did I end up doing? Getting up before nine to take my cousins to a "Rock the Bells" event in San Bernandino, came back, went with Sherisse to get a pedicure, then came home and spent the day doing laundry and working on the slideshow for Brother Darry and Sister Berda's going-away Potluck. On my way to San Bernandino, a car picked up a rock or huge piece of concrete and chucked it at my car. It missed my windshield just by inches! A few inches to the right and it wouldn've hit the windshield right in front of me! Then I left around 11:30 to pick up more coffee, went to Diane's house for an hour and half to pick up pictures, then I went BACK to San Bernandino to pick up said cousins.

Well, got there around two, took a wrong turn and ended up in a LONG line of cars trying to get out. Found said cousins, took the wrong way out of San Bernandino, found the freeway, and got home around 3:30. But was I smart enough to go to bed? Obviously not, because I spent the next four hours working on the same slideshow. By 7:30, I finished what I could, gave up, slept for an hour and half, got up, went to Sunday School, got yelled at for being late by a few minutes. It only took me three minutes to get to church that morning. I kept checking for cops, going 50-60 MPH in a 35 zone. Shh, don't tell anyone.

Sunday was just like the rest of the week. After I took attendance, I went back home to pick up the Slideshow/Picture CD, went back to church. Got there in time to give my Starbucks order to Sherisse, and even in time for the choir quickie. It only took me like ten/fifteen minutes to go back and forth. After church, as we were getting ready for the potluck, we found out I didn't communicate well enough. We had no laptop for the slideshow. So what did we do? Got in the car, I went back to my house, grabbed my computer (minus the monitor and printer) and brought THAT back to church.

We had the potluck, and I didn't leave till like four or so. Went home, dropped off computer, showered, and headed to Nina's where we were having a get together. When I got home, I crawled into bed (which was half covered with stuff. But hey, I fell asleep in the same pile earlier). Got lots of sleep, got up, and went to work. Had a good day at work. Within my first hour, I had a $910 sale! And that was just from ONE person. After work, I came back home to get my phone charger, went to Sherisse to pick up my phone (she accidentally put it in her bag), then left to babysit for Terri (who by the way lives like 35-45 minutes away). When I was done there, I came back, picked up my mom, took her somewhere, and I got home at nine.

Now, I will say good night so I can get some sleep! Hopefully tomorrow I won't get on the wrong freeway to go to work.