Friday, December 30, 2005

Another Bebo Update

Here's an update...

He still gives me a free mocha whenever he's the one to ring me up. But it hasn't been as frequent. Before, it was like four out of five times. Now it's the other way around. No, not five out of four times. Just once a week. Before this week, I didn't really see him much. I dunno. Maybe it was because of the holiday hours and we were thrown off our usual timing schedule. We went back to regular schedule this week.

On Monday, Tracy (that's my boss) and I stopped at GJ on the way back from the money drop. I saw him coming in and I mentioned this to her. After all, she's the one who thinks he may have ulterior motives. Hehe... for Christmas she gave me a GJ gift card. On the gift tag, she wrote, "good luck with your secret crush." Now was her chance to "check him out and see if he's okay for me." She didn't think he was him, but I assured her he was. After all, wouldn't I know what my guy looked like? Her declaration? "He's cute." Anyway, by the time he got there, I already ordered, paid, and was waiting for my drink. But he did wave at me on his way in.

Yesterday I did get my free drink. Hehe... I have a new regular drink... he just doesn't know it yet. Instead of a white mocha, I get the regular. I asked for the regular mocha, but he still gave me a white chocolate mocha. I didn't bother to correct him. After all, I don't want to confuse him and have to retrain him all over again. He didn't even let me pull my money out of my pocket to pay.

So, today, another worker rang me up for the regular mocha, but he rushed to make it for me. He wouldn't even let her make it. Of course, he made the usual. It's okay. The regular mocha and the white mocha costs the same.

One of these days, I will have to ask him what his name is. Then we can end all this speculation!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Bebo Update

On Friday, the 16th, I went to get my drink. I started my sentence ("regular") and he finished it ("blended white mocha). He bragged to his coworker that he was "psychic." It was very cute and very funny.

So, today, he was there and started waving when he saw me. When I approached the counter, he asked, "the usual?" Hehe... little did he know that the previous days I hadn't been ordering my usual. Since I didn't want to retrain him, I said, yes. After all, it took me this long to get him trained to what my "usual" drink is. Now that he's properly trained, I don't want to confuse him! It was very cute. While he was making my drink, a line appeared that wasn't there before. He called out to his other workers: "Martha? Jimmy? Help!" Very cute.

Friday, December 16, 2005

On the border

I made a decision regarding Gabriel. After the talk we had (I gave him a ride home after work), I made this decision. No matter how confusing things can be, I drew a line that will not be crossed. Unless he comes to church and gets saved. Then all bets are off!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Still confused

Okay, since the last post, things have continued to be confusing and get more confusing all the time. Nina found out through her classmate (who works at Gloria Jean) that BeBo's name might actually be Jose. BeBo has continued to give me free coffee everytime he rings me up. And if he's there, and someone else rang me up, he makes my drink instead of the person who rang me up. So, yesterday, we went to GJ to get coffee. I paid for Nina's and mine. BeBo rang us up. His boss was there, and I noticed the furtive glance he gave in her direction. Mind you, I did have my wallet in my hand and ready to pay. Yet, he still charged me only for Nina's drink. Someone else made Nina's drink, but he made mine. And he had a name tag hanging on his apron, which read "Johonny" I think. It was hard to see.

Here's an update on Gabriel (the stock boy). He continues to give me hugs and pecks on the cheek. Also, he has called me "sweetie" once or twice. Plus, he likes to squeeze my arm/elbow/back of my neck/etc. Can you say confusing?

Now, don't get confused. Jose is the coffee boy who I don't know at all, while Gabriel is the stock boy who I work with on a regular basis.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Bebo has a name!

Hehe... I found out what his name is (or possibly is) through a coworker of his who is a classmate of one of my friends. What is his name? I'm keeping that to myself.

So today, before I went to work, I went to Gloria Jean's to get my daily coffee fix. BeBo was at the cash register. I got up to the register and he says, "Regular blended white mocha?" I didn't hear him at first, so he had to repeat himself. Kinda like yesterday. I had to repeat myself to be heard over the noise. I said yes, and then he said, "It'll be ready to the left." I told Patricia I got another freebie and she said she ought to start sending me for her mochas. Tracy said, "someone must like you." I said, "well, it is the same guy." She said, "You might have a boyfriend by Christmas," and then asked me if I thought he was cute, if he worked in the morning, etc. And then she said, "I should check him out to see if he's okay for you."

Okay, yesterday I got a double whammy! We went to the galleria to drop off the wreath for my assistant manager. While we were there, we had lunch at Red Robin's. After lunch, we went by GJ to see if BeBo was working. He was, so we got in line for coffee. I had my back to the line. All of a sudden, an arm comes around and gives me a hug and peck on the cheek. It was GABRIEL! We talked while we were in line. He gave me two more hugs/pecks before we parted. And today, Gabriel called me "sweetie." What is up with that?