Thursday, March 23, 2006

Casting Pearls!!!!!!!

Casting Pearls will be in Harvest at Riverside this Sunday! They're gonna broadcast their performance live on the web. Go to and there's a Day 7 link. That will take you to the broadcast. Of course, if you're like me, you'll be in church at 6:00 PST on Sunday. That's okay, because they have the webcast available in the archives! I've already checked out Todd Agnew's and Paul Wright's. You just have to sit through the worship and a mini-message before the performance.



Day in the Life

Here's the update guys! Now I can actually get from my bed to my computer desk without climbing over stuff. I just don't have a bed to sleep on. There's a bed somewhere under all taht stuff in the left picture. Also, in the left picture, on the bookshelf on the first shelf is the majority of my smaller journals. The journals actually range from to the right of the orange colored book (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants #3) to the taller books (fresh, new journals). In the big red Talbots bag are my final project prints from my photography class. Hopefully I can scan them or get a copy to show you what I printed. And yes, if anyone's wondering what that orange stuff is that is in my purse, it's a bag of goldfish crackers.

Radio Station #1 Vs. Radio Station #2 vs. CD player

Don't you love it when you turn on the radio to the local Christian station, you decide you don't feel like listening to whatever song they're playing at the moment, switch over to the only other Christian station that actually plays music and find out that they're playing the EXACT same song the other station was just playing and you end up listening to your CD instead? Living in LA, there's only TWO stations that play music all day long. And it has happened more than once the scenario above. The first time it was Salvador's "Heaven," the second time it was Switchfoot, and it happened again today with Jars of Clay's "Lovesong for a Savior." My favorite story is how I was listening to my Todd Agnew CD and decided I didn't feel like listening to that particular song at the time. Instead of skipping the song, I wanted to see (hear) what was on the radio. Guess what? Without skipping a beat, the radio picked up exactly where the CD left off!

So, miracle of miracles, I'm working and cleaning up my room. Right now, it still looks like a disaster zone. But at least my books are better! I discovered, boy, I have a lot of journals!

Today, I showed up to work and my boss was in there having a review with her boss. Tracy (my boss/store manager) forgot to call me to ask me to come in at ten instead of nine. So, she handed me five bucks and told me to go get myself a mocha. I sat on a bench for an hour playing with my Nintendo. And got paid for it! This week has been horrible for us. Starting Saturday, Sophia couldn't work because she hurt her foot. I covered her shift because I was supposed to work that day anyway, but a short shift. Then Sunday, Jeiza was covering Sophia's shift, but got sick and had to go home. Joyce tried to call me to come in, but my phone was turned off. It's a good thing she didn't reach me, because before Sunday I worked six days straight and after Sunday I had two days. Come Monday, Gabriel came down with something and had to leave work early. Then Joyce called in sick and was out the rest of the week. Aside from Jani, Mariam, Tracy, and myself... half our staff was falling apart. Plus, our top associate in the store is leaving us. Actually, Tracy informed me that I'm the only one making productivity this month. Plus, I'm actually ahead of Annette (the top associate). Now I've got to keep it up! Speaking of falling apart, I spent the better part of my morning limping around work, trying to work out this pain in my right side. It eventually went away on it's own.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I guess I haven't been posting much. Let's see. Show of hands here... how many of you heard our big news recently? Brother Darry is retiring and our new pastor is gonna be Brother Byron Parker. News of this possibility of Brother Darry retiring leaked out a couple months ago, but of course I kept my lips tight on that. Here, with March almost being over I thought we were in the safe zone. Brother Alan announced this news on Sunday night.

Also, I tried all week to find a way to get up to Portland for Jay's wedding this weekend. Sister Berda tried to call me last week, so I called her. Apparently, they sent me an invitation but it got returned to them because they had the wrong address or something. I mentioned this to Juan the other day and he asked me, "who do you know?" He was surprised I was invited. So was I! Nina was surprised I wasn't. I think Roxie was too. Anyway, with no way to get up to Portland, I will be working when the couple says their "I do's." However, if anyone does go, please take lots of pictures! I can't wait to see if anyone will have pictures from the wedding. Too bad Diane couldn't go. There'd be lots of pictures then!

Monday, March 13, 2006


I found this out at our staff meeting on Saturday morning. One of the important guys in our company is the father of Kate Bosworth, who is/was dating ORLANDO BLOOM!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Yesterday, i went to the last place I remember playing my DS, which was the hair salon. I left the lady my name and number. So, today when I got home, I checked the messages. Nothing. I went to pick up my mom and brother. When I got home, there was a message waiting for me. Actually, two. The first one was from the salon. They found my DS! The second one was from an army recruiter guy. Anyway, I got my DS back! My doggies didn't run away. They were dirty, parched, and famished, but sleeping.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I've done it, guys! I've lost my Nintendo DS. It happened on Saturday afternoon. I don't know where or when, but it's not in it's usual place. We went over to Terri's house and I realized, Hey, I don't have my DS with me. Well, I've looked everywhere except for one place. Hopefully tomorrow I can go there and look. I don't know where it could be. But if it's really gone, then there goes 180 something dollars. Oh well.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

RIP Status

How long does it take for one to gain RIP status? I wanted to see how long I could go without post. What was it... twenty days? Not bad. A few days short of a month. Okay, like a week and a half. But I did comment, so it wasn't like I wasn't on. It just wasn't adding to my blog. So, if you don't hear from me let's just hope that means i'm not posting anything and not sent to siberia. We'll see.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Quote

"Getting lost is easy. Finding Starbucks is easier!"

This is soooo true. Brother ron was giving me a hard time yesterday about being lost. I was trying to find this place in Walnut which is off the 60 freeway. I happened to be on the 10 freeway which is PARALLEL to the 60. I ended up at this place called Ontario which is like an hour away from us. So, as completely lost as I was, I found the mall! Brother Ron gave me a hard time about having a homing beacon for the mall. Well, I discovered I have a homing beacon for Starbucks. Today we went back and found the place. I dropped them off and decided to go looking for a Starbucks. I didn't have to go any further than around the corner! Talk about a Starbucks radar!Now you can borrow my quote Reesie!