Thursday, March 23, 2006

Radio Station #1 Vs. Radio Station #2 vs. CD player

Don't you love it when you turn on the radio to the local Christian station, you decide you don't feel like listening to whatever song they're playing at the moment, switch over to the only other Christian station that actually plays music and find out that they're playing the EXACT same song the other station was just playing and you end up listening to your CD instead? Living in LA, there's only TWO stations that play music all day long. And it has happened more than once the scenario above. The first time it was Salvador's "Heaven," the second time it was Switchfoot, and it happened again today with Jars of Clay's "Lovesong for a Savior." My favorite story is how I was listening to my Todd Agnew CD and decided I didn't feel like listening to that particular song at the time. Instead of skipping the song, I wanted to see (hear) what was on the radio. Guess what? Without skipping a beat, the radio picked up exactly where the CD left off!

So, miracle of miracles, I'm working and cleaning up my room. Right now, it still looks like a disaster zone. But at least my books are better! I discovered, boy, I have a lot of journals!

Today, I showed up to work and my boss was in there having a review with her boss. Tracy (my boss/store manager) forgot to call me to ask me to come in at ten instead of nine. So, she handed me five bucks and told me to go get myself a mocha. I sat on a bench for an hour playing with my Nintendo. And got paid for it! This week has been horrible for us. Starting Saturday, Sophia couldn't work because she hurt her foot. I covered her shift because I was supposed to work that day anyway, but a short shift. Then Sunday, Jeiza was covering Sophia's shift, but got sick and had to go home. Joyce tried to call me to come in, but my phone was turned off. It's a good thing she didn't reach me, because before Sunday I worked six days straight and after Sunday I had two days. Come Monday, Gabriel came down with something and had to leave work early. Then Joyce called in sick and was out the rest of the week. Aside from Jani, Mariam, Tracy, and myself... half our staff was falling apart. Plus, our top associate in the store is leaving us. Actually, Tracy informed me that I'm the only one making productivity this month. Plus, I'm actually ahead of Annette (the top associate). Now I've got to keep it up! Speaking of falling apart, I spent the better part of my morning limping around work, trying to work out this pain in my right side. It eventually went away on it's own.

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