Thursday, January 26, 2006


So, today, I went to GJ to get my mocha and guess how much I paid for it? Two bucks. And... I got two punches on my punch card, making it full. Hee hee...

My brother had a basketball game today at a middle school in Hollywood/LA. It's right by the Spaghetti Factory on Sunset Blvd. After the game, guess where we went? Amoeba music. I ended up buying Newsboys' "He Reigns" and John Reuben's "the Boy vs. the Cynic." My other choices? Relient K's "Mmhmm", Josh Groban's first concert on DVD, Matthew West's "History," Nichole Nordeman's "Brave," amongst a few others.

Does anyone want to know how I did yesterday after all? Well, two of the four ladies did come back and purchased their things... bringing me to a total of 2188 (or something close to that). Yay! My target was about 970, so... someone do the math (Chris) and it comes to something like 1300 extra towards the month. Sadly, today was a slow day. I only got like half of my target. Sigh. And I think this week was the last week for the month. Sigh. I'm like 1300 behind still for the month. Sigh. I hope I don't get into too much trouble for being behind again.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hitting the Target

So, last week, Tracy pulled each associate in to give us our productivity report. So far, I'm BEHIND again. Those first two weeks of January are what killed my productivity. So, I'm gonna have to sell sell sell during the rest of January to catch up. Not only am I going to have to continually meet my target (some days are harder than others), but I'm gonna have to exceed my target to make up for the days that I don't make it. Now, if only I keep having days like today, it would be great! I had "princess" hours today, meaning I only worked a five-hour shift. So, my target was like 970 or so. When I left, I had over 1800 in! At one point, I had three or four different piles of stuff for customers. One lady bought like 21 things. Another one bought just as much, but in three different transactions. See, if she had bought them all together, my UPTs wouldn't have dropped. Grrr... why do customers do that? They buy something, see something else, buy that, see something else, and buy again. I hate that. it just causes my UPTs to drop. So, when I left, I still had four ladies coming back to purchase their things. YAY!!! I hope they did. Hopefully Mariam left a report so I can see how I did.


That's how many wins I have in my winning streak in Spider Solitaire, easy difficulty. My previous winning streak was 49. Since I got off work early yesterday, I decided it was about time I beat my record. So, I spent a majority of my afternoon and evening playing Spider Solitaire, much to the distress of my wrist and fingers. Boy were they screaming by the time I went to bed. My goal now? To get better at medium difficulty.

BTW: today was the first time in awhile that I got a free mocha from BeBo. It was funny because Gabriel asked me to get him something from McDonald's if I could during my break. He also said I could get something if I wanted. I said I didn't want anything. So, he said to use his card to buy my mocha. I said it was alright, I had my money. Turned out, neither of us needed to pay for my mocha today. BeBo was about to wring me up, but he looked like he changed his mind at the last minute. :-D

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Adious Audio A

'Adios' Audio Adrenaline
Published: 2006-01-20
After fifteen years of making music, Audio Adrenaline is bidding their fans Adios but not without a proper going-away album.

After selling millions of albums, the band says its next album will be its last. “After years of giving his all on stage and in the studio, Audio Adrenaline frontman Mark Stuart is experiencing ongoing vocal challenges,” the statement said. “After consulting with doctors, it is clear the toll his voice has taken will prevent his ability to continue a consistent live performance schedule.”

The popular rock band’s final album, Adios, will consist of its greatest hits along with two new tunes. A special edition package will include a DVD with videos, live performances, and interviews with AudioA and bands they’ve influenced.

Audio Adrenaline’s previous album, Until My Heart Caves In, has been nominated for a 2006 Grammy award.

Though Stuart is suffering from vocal challenges, he and bandmates Will McGinniss, Tyler Burkum, and Ben Cissell are still scheduled to tour until September. They plan to make a couple of stops in Canada—catch them before they say Adios:

Friday, January 20, 2006

More proof that it's not just BeBo

Friday, the 13th: I went to GJ after I picked up my paycheck. I asked and paid for a small mocha. When I got the cup, I looked at the cup. I double-checked the size to make sure. I asked and paid for a small, but I didn't get a small. I got a regular size! (Different guy, not BeBo)

Thursday, the 19th: I turned in my GJ punch card (a full one) for a 16 oz drink. Instead, I got a regular (24 oz) drink. (This time, it was the blonde armenian girl)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Messy messy messy

Signs that your room is really messy:

The floor is clean, but the bed is piled high with stuff.
Your bed is clean, but the floor is piled high with stuff.
Your friends tell you your room looks like a tornado went through it, and then came back for more.
You're sitting at your computer, eyes shutting close, but you can't go to bed because your bed is piled with stuff.
You can only get from the door to your bed, from your bed to the computer, and from the computer to the door. And it's about one step and a jump each.

I'll come up with some more after I get a couple winks. First, I better go clear off my bed so I can go to bed.

Bryan is leaving


Okay, so I was listening to KLOVE and "the one thing" by Paul Colman started playing. Before they started playing it, the announcer said, "and here's something from the Newsboys guitarman, Paul Colman." I was like... what??? It's official guys. Bryan Olesen, who subbed for Jody in 2002(ish) is now departing the Newsboys. At least we'll still hear from him with CASTING PEARLS. So, after the song ended, the announcer said, Bryan left to go full-time with his band, Casting Pearls. Paul Colman (also an Australian) is now the new Newsboys' guitarist.

From the Newsboys' website:
January 11, 2006
departure of guitarist bryan olesen
Bryan Olesen will be departing to focus on his band Casting Pearls

“These past few years have been an amazing gift in having been able to learn from, perform, and work with newsboys. I have cherished every second and every show, but I am ultimately excited about what is in-store for Casting Pearls” said Olesen. With Casting Pearls’ recent radio and tour success, it has been increasingly difficult to split time between both bands and my family at home in Lincoln. “Peter [Furler] and I have had several discussions about this and felt that this would be the best for both bands” Olesen explained.

We wish Bryan and his family the best!. We have had many great shows around the world with him, many lifetime memories. This decision was a tough one, but between recording and touring commitments and above all, the importance of family, it seems to be the right decision. We will be announcing his replacement shortly.

January 17, 2006
paul colman announced as new guitarist
Grammy nominated and Dove award winning solo artist Paul Colman is announced as the new guitarist for the newsboys.

Colman said, "Over the last five years I have done about 100 shows all over the world alongside the newsboys. Peter and I actually go a long way back. My Dad is a famous singer and I saw Peter play drums for him at a huge outdoor event in Australia when we were both teenagers. We've been mates for a long time and it truly feels like I'm joining a bunch of friends that I have a lot of history with. I am thrilled to be a part of the newsboys".

Furler adds, "Paul is a great guitarist, singer and songwriter. Hanging out with him is always a pleasure, having him in the band..........priceless"

Colman starts touring with the boys on the WinterJam tour.

From the Casting Pearls' website:


With many great opportunities on the horizon for CP, Olesen bids a reluctant farewell to Newsboys.

January 13, 2006
Casting Pearls and Newsboys announce Bryan Olesen’s departure from the Newsboys. After much discussion and prayerful consideration, Olesen has parted with Newsboys to focus on Casting Pearls full-time.

“These past few years have been an amazing gift in having been able to learn from, perform, and work with Newsboys. I have cherished every second and every show, but I am ultimately excited about what is in-store for Casting Pearls” said Olesen.

With Casting Pearls’ recent radio and tour success, it has been increasingly difficult to split Olesen’s time between both bands and his family at home in Lincoln. “Peter [Furler] and I have had several discussions about this and felt that this would be the best path for both bands” Olesen explained.

“I see unique talents in Bryan that I rarely see in the music world, and I feel we would be doing an injustice to Casting Pearls’ and Newsboys’ ministries to hold Bryan in Newsboys” stated Peter Furler, Newsboys front-man and founder.

Although both bands regret to see this exciting chapter of their careers come to an end, both are mutually excited about the opportunities to come and to continue being able to perform and work together in the future.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yay Me!

Yay! I've been having a good week at work so far I guess (Considering the talk my boss had with me considering the new assistant manager). The target is much lower than last week, so it's easier to reach. I'm not sure how I did on Monday, but yesterday I met my target! My target was 1984 and I had 2805 (somewhere around there). Today, my target was 1960 and guess what? I only had 1905! If I had kept up with two of my customers, i would've gotten two more sales! That would have been 200 more! Oh well.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Start praying guys!

Okay, here's the sitch. Camp Meeting is how many months away and here I am, trying to plan for this. Why? I actually don't know why. I guess first of all, I'd like to know how I am getting there. My ideal plan is to drive my own car there. Road block: parents. My dad won't let me. Well, here was a back-up plan: rent a car. It's looking complicated already. There's only unlimited mileage if you're driving the state of rental, according to most rental places. Plus,here's the major roadblock: there is a charge if you're under 25 per day of rental. The past "x" years (I lost count already) I have ridden with someone else. However, this year, I would really like to be able to drive my own car. One of the big plusses (sp?) is that I wouldn't really be limited to what I could bring. I have been looking forward to the day where I can bring my own blankets from hom. Every year I borrow tons of quilts from the supply cabin at camp and every year I am still not warm enough. Plus, it would be nice to be able to drive around Oregon. Lord knows how lost I'll get! So, here are the current plans and back-up plans.

Plan A: Drive my car
Roadblock: Parents

Plan B: Rent a car
Roadblock: Restrictions of rental car places

Plan C: Flying
Roadblock: Limited luggage

Plan D: Ride with someone

And here's where I get down to the prayer request: may the Lord work it out for me to go to camp meeting this year, between transporation plans and work! Thanks guys!

I am Free cont...

So, yesterday, on my way home (okay, technically I was going to Nina's house) I put Air1 on. Guess what they were playing while I was stuck in traffic? "I Am Free." Seeing as the connection isn't very good in Glendale, it kept coming in and out with each inch I moved. I was waiting for the "He was..." spiel, but didn't hear it. I assumed that I must have lost the reception during it. Well, this morning, after I got up and got in my car to go to work, I put on Air1 again. This time, it was picking up where my alarm clock left off. My alarm clock is a CD/radio/alarm, so I always wake up every morning to Casting Pearls' "Alright." Well, when I got it the car, the chorus of "Alright" was playing, picking up where my CD left off. So, starting my day off with "Alright" was good... guess what the next song was? "I Am Free!" I was so excited to hear these two songs back to back. My morning started off very well. On top of that, I had a very VERY good sale day today. yesterday was okay, but today not only did I meet today's target, I exceeded it! In fact... I think I may have even exceeded my daily target from last week. Yay! Hopefully I'll get some more days like today to make up for last week. Plus, I opened another charge account. So far, I'm in the lead for the month with four charges opened! Hooray! I really have to make up for last month. I need to make this month. Last month, I missed it by 1800! And, I only had one charge opened. This month so far, I have four charges opened!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just sometimes....

Just sometimes...
do you wonder if it really is worth it all?

Just sometimes...
do you wonder if it's time to give up?

Just sometimes...
do you wonder if you've gone too far?

Just sometimes...
do you wonder if there's really anything for you?

And in that moment when I think these thoughts, I am reminded

Yes, it is worth it all. Don't give up. Keep pressing on.
So, when is that moment coming?

BW and sepia

Okay, I have had my current digital camera for over a year now. And on Tuesday, after going to Fry's to look at new digital cameras, I decided to fiddle around with mine. So, I dug out the instruction manual that came with the camera (considering the current state of my room, it's a miracle I even found it). After fiddling around with the camera, I discovered that I could set the camera to manual, instead of automatic. Now that it is set to manual, I changed the ISO speed to 400 and it takes pictures much faster now! No more slow shutter speed for this camera. Also, it also has different modes, such as black and white, sepia, vivid, neutral, and different light settings. I guess if I stick with buying AA batteries for awhile, I can keep this camera until I save up for a super camera.

Again with the hook-ups

Okay, so today prooves that BeBo isn't the only guy to hook me up. Today, after lunch, Nina and I went to get coffee at GJ. BeBo was there, and he took my order. Well, in a way, he gave me my order... lol... what happened was, he said, "regular blended white mocha?" and I said, "yeah." The other guy in a beanie rang me up. He charged me the regular price for my mocha, and then charged me for Nina's drink. Guess what the total was? My drink was 4.60 and the total was 5 bucks (btw Nina got a iced chai). My punch card went from two punches on Thursday to seven punches as of today. That includes the three punches on Friday and two for today. Someone said maybe this is how treat some of their regular customers.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I Am Free

Hooray!!!! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! WAAAAAAAH!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, enough of me jumping around and screaming my head off. KLOVE just played a new single that has yet to be released. Guess by who? THE NEWSBOYS!!!!

You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this single! They performed it on their summer tour, and we got to hear it at the Ventura County fair. It's a praise song where the audience can sing back, and it's got some of the Newsboys rock sound in it. I love it. If you go to their website, you can hear the whole song! It's recorded live I believe. And oooohhh myyyyy. One of my favorite parts is when Pete starts speaking and he quotes some verses from Isaiah 53! Hehe during the concert, he was pacing on the stage when he started quoting! Okay, so on the recording, he's not exactly quoting the scripture, but it is from Isaiah 53. He just leaves little bits out. In the concert, I think he quoted more.

(Oh!Who the Son sets free is free indeed! Do you believe that?)

Through You the blind will see
Through You the mute will sing
Through You the dead will raise
Through You all hearts will praise
Through You the darkness flees
Through You my heart screams “I am free”

I am free to run (I am free to run)
I am free to dance (I am free to dance)
I am free to live for You (I am free to live for You)
I am free (I am free)

Who the Son sets free is free indeed. Do you believe that?
As the first of Adam's sweat surrounds my face
Lord, may the last of Adam's blood, my soul embrace

(Parts of Isaiah 53:3-5)
He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering.
Surely he took up our infirmities, surely carried our sorrows,
But he was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities
Because of his wounds, we are healed
Because of his wounds, I am healed
Because of his wounds, you are healed
Do you believe that? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

I am free!

The hand of freedom is stretching out to you. Hold out your hands to freedom: freedom in your head, freedom in your heart, freedom in your marriage, freedom in your mind, freedom in your emotions, freedom in every area of your life.

The freedom comes through the blood, it comes through the word. It comes through the body. It comes through the spiritual family. It comes through the purpose of God

It's price has been paid. Freedom's price has been paid. The price has been paid.

Coffee hook-ups

Okay, so BeBo may not be the only guy hooking me up at Gloria Jean's. But, he's the most consistent and well... the only one that really matters. But sometimes, I get an extra punch on my punch card. Today, the guy punched three punches instead of one. I already had two punches, so he finished up the row (there's two rows of five). And yesterday, the guy put a ton of chocolate sprinkles/shavings (whatever they are) in my mocha. But yeah, BeBo is the only one to give me a free mocha (or discounted one). Actually, I already get a 10% discount, being a mall employee and all. But, sometimes he undercharges me. Like, instead of charging me for a regular, he charged me for a small. Hehe. It's a good thing the owner of GJ doesn't read this, plus, I don't even know his name yet! He had that nametag on again. Same name, but he had the name tag on his sleeve.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Okay guys! After looking at pictures on Simon's website, I have declared that I officially want a new camera! No more shopping sprees for this lady till my camera is retired. (BTW Anyone interested?) However, I have no clue what kind of digital camera is a good one to get. I'd really like to get the new Canon Powershot that everyone seems to have right now. BUT (and that's a very big one) I don't want to spend money on new media storage devices. I already have a 256 and 516 MB memory cards (CompactFlash). The new CP used the SanDisk (I think) and not Compact Flash. So, any suggestions? I expect replies on this people (especially from those who take lots of digital photos as well hint hint Jennifer and Simon!!!) And yes, I do have a price limit. NOT TOO MUCH. Say... 250? Does that sound good?

Here's the backstory, I currently have a CanonPowershotA310. I bought this because my friend has a Canon Powershot and it works well for her. So, I thought the Powershot would be a good choice. Boy was I wrong about this one. It's too slow for my liking. I don't know about you, but for me, it takes forever taking pictures. It's very fickle. It also uses AA batteries. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE A DIGITAL CAMERA THAT REQUIRES AA BATTERIES. Even using rechargeable ones, it ain't all that great. And the quality is okay, but the zoom is terrible. So, I'm in the market for a better camera.