Sunday, January 08, 2006

Again with the hook-ups

Okay, so today prooves that BeBo isn't the only guy to hook me up. Today, after lunch, Nina and I went to get coffee at GJ. BeBo was there, and he took my order. Well, in a way, he gave me my order... lol... what happened was, he said, "regular blended white mocha?" and I said, "yeah." The other guy in a beanie rang me up. He charged me the regular price for my mocha, and then charged me for Nina's drink. Guess what the total was? My drink was 4.60 and the total was 5 bucks (btw Nina got a iced chai). My punch card went from two punches on Thursday to seven punches as of today. That includes the three punches on Friday and two for today. Someone said maybe this is how treat some of their regular customers.

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