Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hitting the Target

So, last week, Tracy pulled each associate in to give us our productivity report. So far, I'm BEHIND again. Those first two weeks of January are what killed my productivity. So, I'm gonna have to sell sell sell during the rest of January to catch up. Not only am I going to have to continually meet my target (some days are harder than others), but I'm gonna have to exceed my target to make up for the days that I don't make it. Now, if only I keep having days like today, it would be great! I had "princess" hours today, meaning I only worked a five-hour shift. So, my target was like 970 or so. When I left, I had over 1800 in! At one point, I had three or four different piles of stuff for customers. One lady bought like 21 things. Another one bought just as much, but in three different transactions. See, if she had bought them all together, my UPTs wouldn't have dropped. Grrr... why do customers do that? They buy something, see something else, buy that, see something else, and buy again. I hate that. it just causes my UPTs to drop. So, when I left, I still had four ladies coming back to purchase their things. YAY!!! I hope they did. Hopefully Mariam left a report so I can see how I did.

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