Saturday, February 11, 2006

No more ink

Don't you love it when the night before something important, you try to print something and guess what? You're out of ink. Naturally, you had plenty of opportunities during the day, hey even during the week to buy a new ink cartridge. But did you? nooo. Then as you sit down, work on that thing you needed to have done before the next morning, and as you're printing it out, you're missing half the page because you're out of ink! sigh.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Work update

Well, this week we started the New Year (Chinese New Year as well as with work). Last month, I didn't make my target, but I did have the most charge accounts opened. Already this week I have one! I almost had another one. Drats. But, today, I did have a good day. One of my sales was like 500+! So, it's safe to guess that I made this week. Woohoo! Considering I made my day everyday except for Tuesday. Yay me! I deserve a mocha for this!

So, today, Gabriel asked me (like he always does) what are my plans for the weekend. We both have tomorrow off and he said he's been craving Old Spaghetti Factory. He said if i didn't have any plans tomorrow to go with him (he said he'd pay). He said he'd call me after he got off work. Just like a guy to say he'll call and doesn't. So, we'll see if we're on for Spaghetti Factory or not.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Library Fine

Okay, you’d think that as a library student, I shouldn’t have any problems with returning library books on time, correct? WRONG. Some of my fellow classmates would certainly agree that library students are notorious for library fines. An example? When I was in sixth grade, I ran up at forty-sometime library fine. Guess what? I just broke my record. Apparently, I’m missing some books. So, guess how much my library fine is? 284. Yup. You read that correctly. It’s not 2.84 (if only), or 28.4, but it’s 284.00! GULP! Hopefully I can find those books. Umm… wait… has anyone seen those books? Actually, has anyone seen the state that my room is? Now try finding some library books in there.

I forgot to mention what happened. Okay, so for my history final, I had to write two papers. Let's not forget to mention that the paper topics were passed out around Thanksgiving, giving us plenty of time to do research. So what do I do? Wait until the last week to go to two libraries, check out like thirty books each. And guess what? I never did the paper. I didn't turn in the paper and still got a B in the class. Being busy and lazy, I take my sweet time returning my books. All my books to the Los Angeles Public Library get returned eventually, totaling a 7 dollar fine. No problem. It's easy to track online. However, I couldn't do that with my Glendale library books until today. I get a notice of my late fees, processing fees, and lost book fees. GULP!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nothing Left to Lose


Mat Kearney's new album, "Nothing Left to Lose" is going to be released April 4th! I already preordered my copy. Hopefully I'll be one of the first 500 so I can have an autographed one! Yay!!!!