Friday, June 26, 2009

I am alive

LOL, for anyone out there wondering... yes, I am alive. A lot has happened since my last post. Life, minor car accident, Dodger games, family drama, Dodger games, more life, Dodger games, and I have been sick the last week. It started off with that feeling in your throat. Then that developed into a cough, which developed into a really bad cough. So, for the last week, I've had a really bad cough, hardly any appetite, and barely getting a good night's rest because the cough wakes me up every two to four hours. At first it was every two hours, but lately it's been stretching out to four. On top of that, on Saturday morning, my nose started to run. By Saturday night, I had a 102.6 fever. By Sunday afternoon, it was down to 101.6. Well, it went down in between and back up. By Monday afternoon, it was back down to the 99s. But I had also developed a cold sore/fever blister on my lip. I've had little energy, but slowly getting it back. I was able to work a full shift at work today, first time all week. I wanted to go to tonight's Dodger game, but passed because of my recent illness. But I already made plans with friends for Saturday and Sunday. We'll see how that goes. Especially Sunday, cause we're sitting in bleacher beach. All you can eat. And no appetite. We'll see how that goes.