Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is way you don't drive around L.A. with your windows down

Tnoight, around nine, I left my house to go pick up my brother in Glendale. As I was going up Colorado, I drove past the Galleria and saw some police activity going on. There were three/four guys sitting on a sidewalk, with a couple cops with them. After I picked up my brother, we went back down Colorado to get back to the freeway. The same guys were still there. The second intersection after that, we were stopped at a red light. Normal stuff right? Well, to my right, this white SUV pulled up next to us and the driver got out. First thing that came to my mind is... "is he going to say something to the guy in front of him? I hope he doesn't have a gun." Don't worry folks, he didn't have a gun. However....

He started to pummel the driver of the black SUV. My windows were rolled up and my music down low. But I could hear the thud of each punch. He just kept hitting him through the window, which was rolled down. I was telling my brother "oh my goodness, what do we do?" The car in front of us pulled into the left turn lane to put some space in between them. The light was still red. More guys started to show up. From my viewpoint, it looked like the attacker might've had something in his hand. As the light changed, one guy shoved the attacker away from the car. This happened just as I was making my way around them. A few inches and he would've been pushed into my car.

I told my brother afterwards that this was something you only thought you'd see on TV. Not happening right in front of you.