Monday, May 24, 2010

Questions left unaswered

Jimmy Kimmel asked, where did the polar bears come from? What about the Smoke Monster?
Did we ever get a definitive answer on that?

I also came up with the following:
Did they ever say why women couldn't give birth on the island? And why men became more ... productive? Did it have to do with the electromagnetism stuff? How about Locke and Rose being healed?

Why was Walt special? Where did his gifts come from? What about Hurley? How come Hurley was the only one who could see ghosts? We know where Miles' gift came from. He was born on the island.

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Lost Edition

"Out of work Terry" - not good Terry or bad Terry.

Hmm Terry and Michael on the Amazing Race?

"We goof around quite a bit" - Matthew Fox

lol I can see Josh Holloway being the least professional. I want to see bloopers and practical jokes. That's funny that Terry asked if he was there or not.

"I've had a lot of great scenes that involved food" Michael Emerson. Love it that Michael's favorite scene was when Locke brought him food and said it was a rabbit. Ben asked, "did it have a number on it?"

Love the sound effects! The trombones and different sounds of Lost. Including the Drive Shaft music when they went to commercial.

Josh Holloway is sooo sexy hot! Even doing the snaking!

"What about the baby?" I didn't realize that. Jin gets on boat ... something bad happens.

"How many times were you beaten as Ben Linus?" - Jimmy
"How many episodes was I in?" Michael

LOL "wow, those really are natural" - Richard Alpert in the bookstore. I would love to run into Nestor.

"He's 8 feet tall and dating" - Michael on Walt

Loving this "tender moment" montage

Why is Claire (Emile) the only woman on the Jimmy Kimmel show?

Alternate ending # 1 - Survivor style
Alternate ending #2 - Sopranos style
Alternate ending #3 - Bob Newhart style - in bed with ... KATE!
"Looks like it's just the two of us, Freckles" - was he the one who never wore pants during the audio podcasts
Love the thing at the end about what each character is up to.
Charlie Pace - YouTube Sensation - Charlie bit my finger

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost Series Finale

So, I have seen a few shows come to an end. I've got to say. Lost is the best show to end the way it did. I absolutely love the Series Finale. Best Series Finale EVER!

Things I love:
Benjamin Linus finally doing something completely unselfish when he pushed Hurley out of the way of the falling tree. Glad to see there is some good in Mr. Linus.

When Juliet and Sawyer finally get back together.

After six years, Kate finally chose Jack.

Anyone else expected Charlie to call baby Aaron, "Turnip Head"?

Sun and Jin start speaking English right after they got their Island memories.

Shannon and Sayid! Then Boone talking to Hurley afterward. "We'll give them a minute" or something like that.

Was anyone else really concerned for Rose and Bernard?

And of course, the coffin is empty. Just like it was on the island. Craziness! Another Christian Shepherd ghost. Who is he this time?

"I died too." Anyone else's head completely spinning?

Boone looks so good! Glad to see all the other actors were able to take part in filming this final episode. Even the ones who are on other projects that are doing well.

I have to admit, I teared up when Vincent laid down next to Jack. I refused to cry... till the darn dog showed up.

Juliet is Jack's ex-wife. Who saw that one coming? Not I. Craziness.

Lapidus! I am so glad he survived. Someone had to fly the plane.

Memorable Quotes
"He's worse than Yoda."

"I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape." Miles

The thing Lapidus said about him being a pilot. (I don't remember exactly, but I'll update it when I watch the finale again)

"I'm a little sore." Sun. "That's what happens when you get shot." Jin

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Does anyone have a copy of the following newspapers from Sunday, April 4th they would like to donate to my Dodgers scrapbook/yearbook?

Pasadena Star News
LA Daily News
LA Daily Breeze

Thanks if you do!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shaking and baking

Okay, so I wasn't baking when it happened. Ten minutes ago, I was in bed, trying to fall asleep. I am a night owl by nature. So going to bed after 3 AM isn't unusual for me. What was unusual however was about an hour after I turned the lights off... I turned them back on again.

If you didn't feel it or haven't heard yet ... at 4:04 AM this morning, we had ourselves a little 4.4 magnitude earthquake. It was centered at 34°N, 118°W, which puts you in West Covina/Whittier/Hacienda Heights area. A little more exact, it's 5 miles NE of Downey, 11 miles ESE of Los Angeles.

Here's the link where I found it

I was actually a little surprised that when I pulled up the initial map of CA, there were so many little blips for earthquakes. Most of them appear to be small ones, under 2.5 for the most part. A few 3's here and 4's there. This is the first earthquake that's jolted me. I felt a small rolling one a year or two ago. I can't remember the last time an earthquake jolted me so much. Probably the Northridge one way back in the 90's.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"It's like DC, but with palm trees"

That's what my cousin Jenny said about Balboa Park. First she compared it to NYC's Central Park. Then DC. After we went to Petco Park for the Padre's fan fest, we headed out to Balboa Park. Jenny had heard about it and wanted to go. It took us a little bit to find it and to find parking. Once we found parking, we found the line for the tram. We decided to walk instead. It didn't take long to find Balboa Park. Once we found a map, Kevin was surprised at how far we had walked.

"We meet again" - Jon Garland

On Saturday, I drove down to San Diego for the Padres Fan Fest. Yes, you read that correctly. It says "Padres", not "Dodgers". Why, you may ask? Because, yes, I drove an hour and forty-five minutes to San Diego to attend a Padres Fan Fest. You may be having the same reaction my cousin did when I asked if she would go with me. She said, "But you're a Dodger fan! You bleed Dodger blue." I said, yeah, I do. But I also like the Friars (among several other teams) and at the time, there were several players listed on the website that I would like to get their autographs. And yes, most of them were former Dodgers. So, in a way, I wasn't going to get an autograph from a Padre... I was going to get one from a former Dodger. Anyway, I sent my photos to Costco to print and then checked the list again. The list had been shortened and two of the three names I wanted were gone. Oh well. I was still going anyway. We planned the entire day: Petco Park, Balbao Park, Extraordinary Desserts, and Pedro's Tacos.

Kevin, Jenny, and I left Jenny's place around eight. We got to Petco about a quarter till ten. It was free parking, so we parked in one of the lots on Imperial. Then we headed towards the end of the giant line that had formed. Season ticket holders got to go in at nine. The general public were let in at ten. By the time we found the end of the line, we were almost to the bridge that connects Petco Park and the Omni Hotel (which is the hotel the visiting teams stay at). When the gates opened, the line started to move. On our way towards the gate, I saw Eric, a friend I had just met two weeks ago. I wasn't surprised to see several people I knew. Jenny was concerned about our safety, since I'm a "die-hard" Dodger fan (her words). I told her we would be fine and there would be plenty of other Dodger fans there too. I didn't have my camera ready, but as we were moving towards the gate, we had to stop to let Adrian Gonzalez pull in. That would've been a neat picture.

The way the Padres did the autograph sessions were, they had two players per session in four different sections. Each session was an hour. For example, Jon Garland and Aaron Poreda were signing at Section 110 from 12 - 1. That was the session I wanted. When we entered Petco, there were four signs posted above the stairs leading up to Petco Park from the gates. Each sign showed the section, time, and name of the players signing. You were allowed one session per section. If you wanted to get another voucher, you had to get in line again. When we got there, Adrian Gonzalez's vouchers were all gone and there were only a handful of Chris Young vouchers left. Both were signing in Garland's sections before he was. So, we waited for Garland's. Meanwhile, Eric had an extra voucher for Rollie Fingers/Kurt Bevacqua that he gave me. So, I was able to go home with more than two autographs. Yes, it was a long way to drive just for Jon Garland. I was also hoping to snag a few more Padre players, but I didn't want to get in line to get more vouchers. Garland was paired up with Aaron Poreda (who also happens to be a former White Sox - he got traded to the Padres in the Jake Peavy deal. While I went to go get my autographs, Kevin and Jenny checked out the other things at the Fan Fest, including the Garage Sale.

When I got to my section, I saw a few more familiar faces. I showed the usher my voucher and he seated me with the other people waiting for our session. There was a Q & A session (the Broadcast Forum) going on with Dick Enberg, Mark Grant, and Mark Neely. One of them was asked something (it was hard to hear) and they mentioned Vin Scully. I forgot what was said, but it was something along the lines of Vin Scully is the best there is out there. Next up was the Kings of the Hill : Chris Young, Clayton Richard (he came with Poreda in the Peavy trade), and Jon Garland. Jon got there early and I noticed him sitting there … and he started signing things. A short line had formed and people were getting autographs from Richard, Garland, and another guy (don't remember who). I looked at my line which had just started moving. I looked at Jon. Was there enough time for me to run down to the dugout and get Jon's autograph and get back in time for Rollie Fingers. I took the chance. I ran down to the dugout and got in line. There were about three others ahead of me.The little kid in front of me either already got Jon Garland on his baseball or he didn't want him. It looked like the latter cause it looked like Jon was waiting for the kid to give him the ball, but the kid didn't.

When it was my turn, I held up a 8x10 photo of Jon and asked him if he could please sign it. I handed it up to him. He asked me, "did you take this here?" I told him, no, I took it in LA during the playoffs. I was right by the dug out when he was coming out. He looked like he liked the photo. I may see if he'd like a copy the next time I see him. Then I told him I had another photo I'd love for him to sign if he didn't mind. He said sure. He turned the envelope around to see it, but it wasn't there. I wasn't expecting him to sign more than one thing.

I told him it was in the envelope still. I took the envelope and pulled out the other picture. He looked at it and you could see he was trying to figure out where was the photo from. I wish I had taken a photo. It was quite cute how confused he seemed. I explained to him that it was at the Skateland event with Orlando Hudson. He said, "Yeah, I was trying to figure out where this was." He mentioned something about how he had his beard going. I told him it looked good. And yes, he was wearing his glasses today and boy does he look in his glasses.

After I got Jon's autographs, I ran back to my line for Rollie/Kurt. I got Jon just in time. They were about to start the Q&A. I wanted to stick around but I needed to get back. I think the usher thought I was cutting in line, because he took my voucher but no one else's. Everyone else got their voucher taken when they approached the table. I didn't have any trouble, but still... Meanwhile, I could hear bits and pieces of the Q&A going on. I heard Randy Wolf's name pop up. But I couldn't hear the question or the answer.

I didn't bring anything generic except for the Opening Day cap I got at last year's Padres/Dodgers game (yes, it was on Opening Day). I kept the cap for autograph opportunities like this. Kurt was first and he was very nice and conversational with the people in front of me. Since I didn't have a clue who he was, I didn't know what to say other than please and thank you. He signed the cap in blue to the left of the Padres' logo. Rollie signed on the other side in black. After that, I met up with Jenny and Kevin. Jenny and I saw the mascot for the Padres minor league team. He looks like he could be the Phillies' Phanatic's little brother. We took photos with it, of course. Kevin bought a SD baseball cap to get signed. Guess he's going to collect signed baseball caps. He already has a Dodgers one with several autographs. Jenny didn't have anything yet. I was going to have her get a baseball card signed for me by Jon. I told them about how I got Jon to sign my photographs already. That meant I could get him in my scrapbook. Jenny wanted to get something signed for her friend Phanny. We were supposed to bring her with us, but I had the dates wrong and it didn't work out. Jenny still wanted to get an autograph for her. While we were waiting for our session to start, Jenny went back to the Garage Sale and picked up two of the baseballs they were selling. I was going to have Aaron Poreda sign the ball. Jenny was going to get both of them on the ball.

They had us sitting on one side while the line for Adrian Gonzalez was going through. Once they were done, they moved us over. We would've been in the first row, but there were only two seats and there were three of us. Had we been in those seats, we would've been right behind Jon when he showed up. I had a feeling Jon would see me and go, "you again?" or something like that. When we lined up, the usher saw my scrapbook and asked me about it. He was quite impressed. Someone ahead of us was getting a baseball signed ... in a blue sharpie. I cringed when I saw that. The person in front of me agreed. Rookie mistake. I told Jenny when she asked Aaron to sign her ball, to ask for it in the pen. When we asked Aaron to use a pen instead, the Padre employee said we were real fans who knew what we were doing or something like that. When Aaron signed both our baseballs, he did it in a funny spot. Not the sweet spot. On mine, he signed right by the logo. On Jenny's, he signed on the blank side.

I pulled out my scrapbook for Jon to sign and the employee sitting next to him was impressed too. She was like, "wow, what's that?" I said "hi jon" and put the book down. He said, "we meet again." I knew it! After all, it hadn't been more than 45 minutes since I asked him to sign the photos. Yes, I know. I got a lot of stuff signed by him. What can I say? I have a soft spot for guys in glasses. He picked up the black sharpie and I asked him if he could please use the blue, it comes out better on the photo. I thanked him and told him, "see you at Dodger Stadium". I wish I could've asked for a photo with him. I like the other one, but it's so dark! Maybe when he's in L.A.

After that, we took a tour of the clubhouse. It was really cool to see the training room, the physical therapy room, the clubhouse, where the players ate and stuff. After that, we walked around the field. We stopped in the visiting teams' dugout and took some photos. I heard on the radio that the grounds crew equipment would be out. I totally wanted a picture of me on the big green John Deere tractor! After we walked around the field and took several photos, we headed back to the car. We passed the cutest sight. There were these two little kids rubbing their hands in the warning track dirt and then putting their hand prints on the padded outfield walls!

Here are some photos to leave ya'll with. I'll try to post the rest on my Flickr within the next few days. If you're friends with me on Facebook, they're already up.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Links to my Dodger blog

Here are the links to my blog posts about the Dodger caravan and other things this week

Dodger Caravan Day 2 (Day One was closed to the public)
- Here's a little snippet from that one
It was my turn to get my things signed. Andre was up first. With the help of others, we selected the photo from the paper when Andre "reacts after his bases-loaded walk in the eighth inning brings home the decisive run" against the Phillies in Game 2 of the NLCS. I asked him if he wouldn't mind adding the Silver Slugger on there. I had to think about it, cause I almost said "gold" but then I was like, no, wrong precious metal. So, he wrote "2009 Silver Slugger" and then he paused and added "+" and kept going. After he signed his name, he said "I added that." "That" being, he added "MLB Clutch Performer of the Year". How sweet was that! Since he wrote all that, I was holding up the line. .
2010-02-02 012.JPG
At first I felt bad about it. But afterward, I didn't feel so bad anymore. I noticed people were taking photos with him, so I asked him if I could get a quick one. I apologized for holding up the line.

Dodger Caravan - Day 3 - Olvera St.
Matt signed a photo of him and me from Skateland. I asked him to please add "gold glove and silver slugger" on it.
2010-02-04 Matt Kemp

A Wolf and A Coyote

No joke. I saw a coyote at Dodger Stadium.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's been awhile...

... since I've been asked if I have a boyfriend, which is usually followed by "why not?" when I tell the person asking that I don't have one and never have. And it took me a little by surprise being asked that today. When I was talking to my friend about it, she said they were probably just trying to make conversation. She asked me how many new people have I met because that's what people usually ask when you meet them. I told her I've met a ton of new people this year and none of them have asked me if I have a boyfriend. Talk about meeting new people ... I have met a TON of new people this year. So many that I can't even remember all of their names. Not quite sure if any of them have asked me the "boyfriend" question. I think a few may have asked me like if I go to the games with my boyfriend... but I can't recall any right now.