Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost Series Finale

So, I have seen a few shows come to an end. I've got to say. Lost is the best show to end the way it did. I absolutely love the Series Finale. Best Series Finale EVER!

Things I love:
Benjamin Linus finally doing something completely unselfish when he pushed Hurley out of the way of the falling tree. Glad to see there is some good in Mr. Linus.

When Juliet and Sawyer finally get back together.

After six years, Kate finally chose Jack.

Anyone else expected Charlie to call baby Aaron, "Turnip Head"?

Sun and Jin start speaking English right after they got their Island memories.

Shannon and Sayid! Then Boone talking to Hurley afterward. "We'll give them a minute" or something like that.

Was anyone else really concerned for Rose and Bernard?

And of course, the coffin is empty. Just like it was on the island. Craziness! Another Christian Shepherd ghost. Who is he this time?

"I died too." Anyone else's head completely spinning?

Boone looks so good! Glad to see all the other actors were able to take part in filming this final episode. Even the ones who are on other projects that are doing well.

I have to admit, I teared up when Vincent laid down next to Jack. I refused to cry... till the darn dog showed up.

Juliet is Jack's ex-wife. Who saw that one coming? Not I. Craziness.

Lapidus! I am so glad he survived. Someone had to fly the plane.

Memorable Quotes
"He's worse than Yoda."

"I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape." Miles

The thing Lapidus said about him being a pilot. (I don't remember exactly, but I'll update it when I watch the finale again)

"I'm a little sore." Sun. "That's what happens when you get shot." Jin

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