Monday, May 24, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Lost Edition

"Out of work Terry" - not good Terry or bad Terry.

Hmm Terry and Michael on the Amazing Race?

"We goof around quite a bit" - Matthew Fox

lol I can see Josh Holloway being the least professional. I want to see bloopers and practical jokes. That's funny that Terry asked if he was there or not.

"I've had a lot of great scenes that involved food" Michael Emerson. Love it that Michael's favorite scene was when Locke brought him food and said it was a rabbit. Ben asked, "did it have a number on it?"

Love the sound effects! The trombones and different sounds of Lost. Including the Drive Shaft music when they went to commercial.

Josh Holloway is sooo sexy hot! Even doing the snaking!

"What about the baby?" I didn't realize that. Jin gets on boat ... something bad happens.

"How many times were you beaten as Ben Linus?" - Jimmy
"How many episodes was I in?" Michael

LOL "wow, those really are natural" - Richard Alpert in the bookstore. I would love to run into Nestor.

"He's 8 feet tall and dating" - Michael on Walt

Loving this "tender moment" montage

Why is Claire (Emile) the only woman on the Jimmy Kimmel show?

Alternate ending # 1 - Survivor style
Alternate ending #2 - Sopranos style
Alternate ending #3 - Bob Newhart style - in bed with ... KATE!
"Looks like it's just the two of us, Freckles" - was he the one who never wore pants during the audio podcasts
Love the thing at the end about what each character is up to.
Charlie Pace - YouTube Sensation - Charlie bit my finger

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