Tuesday, August 28, 2007

11 - 5

Since I have last posted about my last Dodger game, I have gone to three more. Two losses and one win. The two losses were against the Giants when they were last here in town. That's five straight losses, folks. But the tide may have changed because they finally won! They won tonight's game against the Nationals. Though it got a little dicey when Lowe gave up three home runs, giving him four earned runs. However, our Boys in Blue came back to score five runs to win the game. This was fun because we went with Roxie and Jon, who brought their girls to their first game! Natalie is around four, and Julia is eight. Memorable moments? Well, right before Matt Kemp was doubled up at second on Kent's line drive, he almost got tagged out at second. I was excited to see Ethier and Kemp in the starting line-up. Though I would've preferred Gonzo over Pierre... we had two foul balls hit up to our level. Considering we were in the reserve level, that's saying something. all three home runs hit by the Nationals were hit to the left field pavilions. Anyway, I hope this is the start of my new winning streak. It would be great if I can beat my ten-game winning streak. Maybe the Dodgers might have a chance into the playoffs ... lol then again ... oh yeah, and I actually participated in the beach ball hitting. Normally I just watch other people hit the beach ball around. There was this little one bouncing around. And just as I picked up my drink to take a sip, the ball came at me. Without looking, I gave it a little bop, sending it on it's way to the group behind me.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Missing Package

Hmm I pre-ordered Todd's newest CD (release 7/17) way back in May. I forgot all about it till I was going through my e-mails and found the e-mail about it. I checked my account, and it said it has been shipped. I don't remember receiving it. Hmmm. Frustrating. I wonder where that package is. I haven't seen it around the house. I've already sent an email asking if I could get more information about when the package was delivered.

Here Kitty, Kitty

Our neighbor across the streets comes out and starts saying, "here kitty-kitty" repeatedly. I don't think she even owns a cat, or the cat she's calling for. I think she's just feeding a stray cat in our neighborhood. It's quite annoying. And believe me, we've got lots of stray "kitties." I find at least three in my backyard every week.

Umm... Yeah... I noticed I haven't posted in awhile. Well... let's see...

I've got a week of vacation time left and I don't know when to use it. I was supposed to use it for Youth Camp, but got a late notice from corporate that I'm not allowed to use it at the time. Now I have that time and I don't know what to do with it. I have two plans. Plan A is to use it during the weekend of Sacrament Combined Meetings. But I am still on the fence about that. I have about two weeks to make the decision. Plan B is to use the vacation during the week of my birthday. And that'll probably be the latest I'm allowed to use it. Anyone out there have an opinion?

One more thing. Last week, I set up an appointment to apply for a job through American Registration Center. My cousin found this ad in her mom's newspaper for government jobs like library clerk and typist. I was very interested. Called, set up an appointment. I went in, paid my ten dollars, took the "test" they gave me. Then I was seen for an "interview." The lady asked me why I wanted to work for the government. I told her about my long-time interested in working in a library. She asked if I could st art right away. She talked some more about the examinations and application process that ARC will take care of, but I would have to play a fee. I could do one payment of 395, or two other payment options that were well over 400. I walked out of that office and didn't go back. Is this for real?

At least I found out some things before I went in. Like, I got my resume updated and changed two of my references. And, I also figured out my average WPM (words per minute). Sort of. I googled for typing test and took a couple and just figured out some kind of average. One test I scored in the mid 80s, like 83 - 88. Another one, I wsa like 73 - 78. So, we put down 75 on the resume. One test however, I topped out at 101!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Six minutes and 1.3 miles. That's how far the next Andre Ethier signing is from my house. And I'm working that day. The same time he's signing autographs is the same time I'm supposed to be working. Isn't it funny how I don't work when the signings are like 30+ minutes away? Actually, now that I think about it... all those signings I've been to... I did work that day. But it was the closing shift. But when THIS signing is only SIX minutes from my house, I work. HMMM ... isn't it ironic? ARGH!!!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A much quieter week

Even the earthquake this morning/last night was kinda quiet. If you haven't heard about it, there was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake just before 1 AM last night. I was in bed, trying to fall asleep, when my house shook. It wasn't a big shake and didn't make a lot of noise like the Northridge Earthquake (which I still remember). My brother didn't feel anything, but he wasn't really awake at the time. I just asked my cousin about it, and she said both she and her sister felt it. It was a small tremor. Didn't do much. I looked it up, and it happened about 30 miles away from here.

As for this week, it wasn't as eventful as the previous week. Though sometimes I just wish I could hide under the covers all day.

Let's see... quite update of this past week??

Sunday I discovered my cousin Serei (who lives with us) started assembling a computer desk he thought I wasn't going to use. I bought this computer desk last year with hopes of replacing the desk I have now. I really wanted a new computer desk and this was a great desk I found at Target, on clearance. However, at the time (and currently) there isn't any space in my room for the said desk. SO my cousin takes the desk and assembles it in his room. Without asking me. He thought since I wasn't "using" it, that he could take it. No big deal right? He could just give it back right? Except ... he used the wrong screws and completely messed up MY desk. I didn't want it back, but he didn't want to pay me for it. GRRRRRRRR!!!!

On a different note, I was listening to the music at work today. This song came on and I was wondering where I had heard it from. Then I realized it was "La Venganza de los Pelados"! The elusive at-bat song of Rafael Furcal! I have yet been able to add this to my collection of Dodger at-bat songs. It's not even available on I-Tunes.

Man has my MLB: The Show been crazy. Yesterday, my last game of the night took 16 innings to finish. SIXTEEN innings. What happened? I was winning during the ninth inning, but in the bottom of the ninth, the other team tied it. This happened several more times in the innings to follow. Finally, during the sixteenth inning, I scored a three run lead and didn't blow it. Sixteen innings. I was ready for the game to end after the twelfth ... but noooo ... my Dodgers couldn't hold onto a one or two run lead. They needed a three run lead to win. As for today, what a blow-out game I had. 21 - 7. Wowsers. After the fourth and fifth inning when it was 17 - 3 and then 20 - 3, I knew the game was over!

And to finish things off ... here's some pictures from the last day of Youth Camp

The group LA brought up

The Lamberts - the last time Bro. Tom was at a youth camp I attended was my first youth camp about 14 years ago.

Brother Bill finishing up the sermon (with Catharine Spakousky in arm). He didn't expect Bro. Lee to hand the sermon over to him.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The rain (and headache) keeps on coming

Why can't a trip to the airport ever be simple???

Yesterday, my cousin was supposed to fly back out to NC at 2:31 PM. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time and spent about an hour in line just to check in. By the time we got to the counter, it was about 1:50 and it was too late for her to check any baggage. So, they booked her on a flight today. Her flight was schedule to leave at 11:15. I was schedule to be at work at 9. Since I was the only one who could drop her off, I thought if I'd get there by 7 and out of there by 8, I could make it back to work.

GUESS WHAT? That didn't work. Are you surprised?

We didn't get to the check-in counter till about 8:15 - 8:30, and we had been in line for over an hour again. The airport was much more crowded at 7 - 8 AM than at 1 - 2 PM. Anyway, we get to the counter and they tell me that since my cousin is an unaccompanied minor, I have to pay a $75 fee AND stay with her till her flight took off. I was already in tears because I was upset with my parents because I told them I couldn't take her to the airport because I had to be at work, but I ended up taking her to the airport anyway. This made me even more upset because I knew I'd get in trouble with work for missing work. I should've just called out yesterday and got my shift covered. BUT I thought I could drop her off and get back in time. Boy was I ever wrong. So, I called Sarah and she said she'd go in for me and hopefully get off by 11. I called work once I knew there was someone there. I explained the situation to my manager (more water works - when I get REALLY upset, the water works gets really going). When the agent told me I had to stay, I stormed away from the counter because I was so upset. A lady in line behind us asked me what was wrong. Tearfully I told her, I had to be at work by nine and now I had to stay with my cousin till noon. Joanne (my cousin) and I waited for several hours before she could board her flight. And right before she boarded, I was checking her boarding passes and she was missing the boarding pass to her connecting flight. ANOTHER line to get in.

After everything, I was so tired. Being that upset really wears a person out. By the time I got home, it was about 2. Her plane didn't take off till after 12:15. Then I had to drive down to my dad's work place to get some cash to put in the bank. By then my car was on empty and I had to drive back home on an empty tank. Even though I knew I didn't have enough money in my bank account, I filled up my car because I have been driving on empty every other day. Not good for my car, I know. But I only had enough to put like two gallons in my car at a time. With traffic being L.A. traffic, it took me awhile to actually get home.

Once I did get home, I just wanted to numb my brain by playing some video games. I played three games of MLB the Show. During one of them, Gonzo hit a grand slam. The funny thing was, during the replay, they showed the players on the bench watching the ball sail out of the park. What's so funny about that? Two of the players on the bench were two of the runners. In fact, one of them was on third and the other was the one who hit the grand slam. So, it was funny to see the player who hit the grand slam be in the dug out watching himself hit the grand slam.

As for tonight, the curse of the Bobble Head was in effect. Sort of. Russell with two for three with two walks. Not bad for a Bobble Head night. However, we lost. We can't seem to win on a Bobble Head night. What's my record now? 10 - 5. I figured something out. The last four games that I've been to, they've lost. And I haven't decorated my windows for any of those games. Hmmm maybe I ought to decorate my windows for the next game so they can win.

High lights of tonight's game? Russell slid into first. Now that was sweet! Andre came off the bench to replace Kemp, and first thing he does is make an awesome catch in center-right field when he was playing in deep right. He had quite a run to make. Then he went two for two tonight! It raised his average to .300, one average point above Russell's. A girl in the front row of our section taped together a banner that said, "Ethier is smoking hot." He saw the sign and acknowledged it. It was very cute and funny. Wish I had taped it.

And unless you were in the right field pavilion, you may not be aware of the fight that happened. It must've been around the fifth or sixth inning. I got up to go, but then the fight broke out. I couldn't see what was going on because it was happening a few seats away from me. I think it started with a Dodger fan (female) started the "Giants suck" chant and got in the face of the Giant fan in my row. The Giant fan must've said something back. Next thing I know, one girl threw nachos at the other girl. Then came the beer being dumped on the Giant fan. Punches were thrown, hair was pulled, and beer was every where. And so were people. I was stuck in the aisle (well, I did have an aisle seat) because I had gotten up just as it started. Security and officers came and took them away. I passed by them on my way to the rest room. One guy was cuffed and being questioned. The girls were taken outside and questioned separately.

On a brighter note, a guy sitting behind us saw Kevin using my camera to zoom in on the Dodger dug out. He asked what kind of camera it was (the usual question) and complimented the great zoom on the camera. I told Kevin, I ought to make up some little business cards with my flickr and blog on it and hand it out to people who are interested in looking at my photos. Not sure how many people actually are ... but you never know. Also, towards the end of the game, another guy two rows back asked his friend what happened to Kent. His friend didn't answer, so I did. I told him Kent pulled a hammmie on Sunday. He complimented me, that I knew my stuff. That made me feel better! Too bad we lost, after having the bases loaded THREE times. Another funny thing was Alan and Diane were at the game too. Diane and I talked after they got their and she used their binoculars to spot us in the right field from where she was in the top deck.