Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty

Our neighbor across the streets comes out and starts saying, "here kitty-kitty" repeatedly. I don't think she even owns a cat, or the cat she's calling for. I think she's just feeding a stray cat in our neighborhood. It's quite annoying. And believe me, we've got lots of stray "kitties." I find at least three in my backyard every week.

Umm... Yeah... I noticed I haven't posted in awhile. Well... let's see...

I've got a week of vacation time left and I don't know when to use it. I was supposed to use it for Youth Camp, but got a late notice from corporate that I'm not allowed to use it at the time. Now I have that time and I don't know what to do with it. I have two plans. Plan A is to use it during the weekend of Sacrament Combined Meetings. But I am still on the fence about that. I have about two weeks to make the decision. Plan B is to use the vacation during the week of my birthday. And that'll probably be the latest I'm allowed to use it. Anyone out there have an opinion?

One more thing. Last week, I set up an appointment to apply for a job through American Registration Center. My cousin found this ad in her mom's newspaper for government jobs like library clerk and typist. I was very interested. Called, set up an appointment. I went in, paid my ten dollars, took the "test" they gave me. Then I was seen for an "interview." The lady asked me why I wanted to work for the government. I told her about my long-time interested in working in a library. She asked if I could st art right away. She talked some more about the examinations and application process that ARC will take care of, but I would have to play a fee. I could do one payment of 395, or two other payment options that were well over 400. I walked out of that office and didn't go back. Is this for real?

At least I found out some things before I went in. Like, I got my resume updated and changed two of my references. And, I also figured out my average WPM (words per minute). Sort of. I googled for typing test and took a couple and just figured out some kind of average. One test I scored in the mid 80s, like 83 - 88. Another one, I wsa like 73 - 78. So, we put down 75 on the resume. One test however, I topped out at 101!

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