Tuesday, August 28, 2007

11 - 5

Since I have last posted about my last Dodger game, I have gone to three more. Two losses and one win. The two losses were against the Giants when they were last here in town. That's five straight losses, folks. But the tide may have changed because they finally won! They won tonight's game against the Nationals. Though it got a little dicey when Lowe gave up three home runs, giving him four earned runs. However, our Boys in Blue came back to score five runs to win the game. This was fun because we went with Roxie and Jon, who brought their girls to their first game! Natalie is around four, and Julia is eight. Memorable moments? Well, right before Matt Kemp was doubled up at second on Kent's line drive, he almost got tagged out at second. I was excited to see Ethier and Kemp in the starting line-up. Though I would've preferred Gonzo over Pierre... we had two foul balls hit up to our level. Considering we were in the reserve level, that's saying something. all three home runs hit by the Nationals were hit to the left field pavilions. Anyway, I hope this is the start of my new winning streak. It would be great if I can beat my ten-game winning streak. Maybe the Dodgers might have a chance into the playoffs ... lol then again ... oh yeah, and I actually participated in the beach ball hitting. Normally I just watch other people hit the beach ball around. There was this little one bouncing around. And just as I picked up my drink to take a sip, the ball came at me. Without looking, I gave it a little bop, sending it on it's way to the group behind me.

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