Thursday, August 09, 2007

A much quieter week

Even the earthquake this morning/last night was kinda quiet. If you haven't heard about it, there was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake just before 1 AM last night. I was in bed, trying to fall asleep, when my house shook. It wasn't a big shake and didn't make a lot of noise like the Northridge Earthquake (which I still remember). My brother didn't feel anything, but he wasn't really awake at the time. I just asked my cousin about it, and she said both she and her sister felt it. It was a small tremor. Didn't do much. I looked it up, and it happened about 30 miles away from here.

As for this week, it wasn't as eventful as the previous week. Though sometimes I just wish I could hide under the covers all day.

Let's see... quite update of this past week??

Sunday I discovered my cousin Serei (who lives with us) started assembling a computer desk he thought I wasn't going to use. I bought this computer desk last year with hopes of replacing the desk I have now. I really wanted a new computer desk and this was a great desk I found at Target, on clearance. However, at the time (and currently) there isn't any space in my room for the said desk. SO my cousin takes the desk and assembles it in his room. Without asking me. He thought since I wasn't "using" it, that he could take it. No big deal right? He could just give it back right? Except ... he used the wrong screws and completely messed up MY desk. I didn't want it back, but he didn't want to pay me for it. GRRRRRRRR!!!!

On a different note, I was listening to the music at work today. This song came on and I was wondering where I had heard it from. Then I realized it was "La Venganza de los Pelados"! The elusive at-bat song of Rafael Furcal! I have yet been able to add this to my collection of Dodger at-bat songs. It's not even available on I-Tunes.

Man has my MLB: The Show been crazy. Yesterday, my last game of the night took 16 innings to finish. SIXTEEN innings. What happened? I was winning during the ninth inning, but in the bottom of the ninth, the other team tied it. This happened several more times in the innings to follow. Finally, during the sixteenth inning, I scored a three run lead and didn't blow it. Sixteen innings. I was ready for the game to end after the twelfth ... but noooo ... my Dodgers couldn't hold onto a one or two run lead. They needed a three run lead to win. As for today, what a blow-out game I had. 21 - 7. Wowsers. After the fourth and fifth inning when it was 17 - 3 and then 20 - 3, I knew the game was over!

And to finish things off ... here's some pictures from the last day of Youth Camp

The group LA brought up

The Lamberts - the last time Bro. Tom was at a youth camp I attended was my first youth camp about 14 years ago.

Brother Bill finishing up the sermon (with Catharine Spakousky in arm). He didn't expect Bro. Lee to hand the sermon over to him.


MsPoppins20 said...

That's a cute picture with Bro. Bill and Catharine. My question, though, is why Bro. Bill had to finish up the sermon. Am I missing something here? Or did Bro. Lee really start the sermon and tell Bro. Bill to finish it?

Falling LEAVes said...

Yes, Bro. Lee started the sermon and he led up to the point where Bro. Bill finished, asking Bro. Bill to finish it