Thursday, June 09, 2011

Maybe now I won't feel so bad

I figure I'll get one or two mean/rude customers a week. Yesterday I got two in one day. Fortunately, I only had one today and it wasn't till the end of my shift.

Well, I got home and I saw I had an e-mail from Groupon advertising their special for Dodger tickets for the two day games on Wednesdays during the next homestand. I thought about it. Last time I checked it out, it came up to 13.90 just for my ticket. I coughed up the $14 for the Saturday game anyway at the Stadium. If I go to the stadium to my tickets, I can get top deck seats for $12 instead of paying $14 for the reserve ticket. The Groupon says it's $7 but there's about an additional $7 in fees you still have to pay. Plus, if I go when the team is on the road, I get to see my favorite ticket seller.

While on Groupon, I noticed an advertisement for a competitor's deal. I checked out the competitor and looked at their FAQ, prices, and "reviews". Then I went on Yelp and really looked at their "reviews". You know that you can't just go by the raving "reviews" on a company's facebook page. Who really likes to leave negative comments up for long that tells everyone how terrible you are?

After reading through everything, I still feel our company is the better of the two. Not that anyone will believe I have an unbiased opinion since I do work for the company that I feel is the better of the two.

Since I have yet to mention who my current employer is or who this competitor is, I'll leave those in anonymity. Okay, actually, I did mention who my new employer is. But I went back and edited that post! I don't want to break any confidentiality rules, you know?

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