Monday, June 06, 2011

Jury Duty

Here I am ... sitting in the jury assembly room with nothing much to do since Facebook is blocked by the wi-fi. Twitter isn't... but maybe because Twitter isn't a big distraction like Facebook is. At least I can blog. Hmmm maybe I can catch up on all those entries I'm behind on. On the downside, I'll be late for work by about an hour or two :( At least I can still go in for work since I work the night shift. Which is a good thing. I have a lot of e-mails I need to respond to. Well, even though I can't my Facebook ... at least I can access my Facebook chat list via my AIM.

I thought about postponing my jury duty summons, but why put off the inevitable? Might as well serve since I'm here. And he did say technically if you receive the white postcard that notifies you that you failed to appear, you're not supposed to be able to postpone your service. The guy (Marcus) doing the orientation is pretty funny. Young guy, too, from what little I saw of him. I'm sitting in the other side of where the lectern is so I can't see him. I can only hear him.

We're on break right now. It took me about 20 minutes to get down to the first floor where the vending machines are. Unfortunately, they only had cans. I wanted to get a bottle. So I went into the cafeteria, where I was planning on going for lunch. They take only cash. I used my only cash ($2) to buy a bottle of wild cherry Pepsi. Two dollars!

Why did I get a notice that I failed to appear? Silly me thought because the jury duty summons that I received had my name spelled wrong that I didn't have to appear. Wrong. Not only do I have to appear, I have two summonses this year! I'm serving one now and will be excused for the other one later. I have to go to the voter registration thing and tell them to cross of my other name. AGAIN. I told them to cross off my other name the last time I voted. Apparently Linda Ear is still in the system.

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