Saturday, June 11, 2011

God is so amazing!

Do you cringe when you hear advertisements for debt relief programs? I used to. Hopefully in about two months, I can be one of those debt relief program success stories. Well, not really a success story. But, at least I will be debt free!!!

About two months I ago, I called up one of my old credit cards. I had opened this account when I opened my back account. Naturally, at first I was good at paying it off and not spending to extravagantly. Well, needless to say, it got away from me eventually. It got to the point where they had charged the account off. I signed up with debt relief program and began making monthly payments of roughly a little over $100 a month.

Recently, I figured I should be getting close to having it paid off. So, since I didn't have a statement or access to my online account anymore ... I called up the company and inquired about my balance. They said it was around 300. I forget the amount now. So I figured, okay two more payments through my debt management program and then I can pay it off through the credit card company.

My next payment was going to be made in a few days. I get home tonight and discover a check from the credit card company issuing me a refund of more than twice the balance I was told that was left when I called. I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe.

God is so good!

I honestly didn't think I'd ever get this debt paid off. Not only that... I have two store cards (both balances under 200) that I can get paid off within the next month or two. Then I will have absolutely NO credit cards or NO store cards.

Now if only I could set this up for my mom! I think I might have to. It took me less than four years to get completely out of debt. I can't believe it. It probably could've been a whole lot faster if I was fully employed and making bigger payments.

Believe me... I've learned my lesson. I thought I could handle it. Then it got out of hand and it handled me instead. Let's pray I don't repeat my mistakes in the future.

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