Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Looking forward to Wednesday

Yes, I know technically it is Wednesday. If I ever get to bed, I have to be up in about 7 hours or so.


I'm going to a Dodger game!!!

In the middle of day? Yup. This year, the Dodgers have 6 mid-week afternoon games. I lost count, but I believe this is game 3 of 6. Game 4 is next Wednesday against the Tigers, Game 5 is in August against the Phillies, and I believe there is one more. So far in these 6 games, we are 1 - 1. The first one we won in Walk Off fashion against the Braves. The second one we lost huge to the Cubs. Who wants to guess how we do this Game 3? Don't forget... the Reds are looking to sweep the Dodgers at home... when was that last time that happened??? We lost last years home series to them, but we weren't swept... fortunately.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day at work too. Today was much better than yesterday. I felt bad tonight because I kept accidentally hanging up on a customer. The first time, it wasn't my fault. Somehow our call got dropped or disconnected. The next two times were completely my fault. I kept pushing the wrong button. By then, I wrote their number down so I could call them back.

One of my coworkers almost dropped a box on my head. That's okay. It was light and hardly anything was in it. I've already dropped a box of DVD cases on me. No worries. It missed my head and got me in the back instead. He was nice enough to bring me a box of DVDs today. It was a nice thought. I usually have to go down and grab two boxes on my own. I ended up doing it anyway because I ran out. I found an order that needed to go out and when I couldn't figure out where to put it, I asked him where should I put it so it could go out right away. He said here and held out his hand.

Hopefully tomorrow there won't be such a huge divider between me and my other coworker. We're the only two out in the main reception area. I couldn't see her at all today and she couldn't see me. I couldn't even see the sun! I had to turn on the lights because it was so shadowy in my corner.

Time for bed! I can't wait to go to tomorrow's game. I get to see Trent for the first time since the exhibition games... same goes for Dee. I have yet to meet Javy Guerra and Rubby DeLaRosa. Am I missing anyone?

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