Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It can only get better


Today started off earlier than usual for a Monday morning. I got out of the house so I could go down to the Talbots in Pasadena to shop for some jeans. It was good to see some familiar faces, though it took me a while to remember some names. By the time I left, I didn't find any new jeans. They had some jeans on sale for $25. And if you know Talbots jeans, that's a great deal! Well, no jeans. But I did get like three new tops. They were on sale and an additional 25% off.

On my way out, one of the girls told me my former manager worked near by. I wanted to stop by and see if she was working so I could say hi. Well, I was going down the street and I saw that I was going to miss the drive way for the parking lot. I guess I wasn't going to miss it because when I turned to go in, I hit the curb. I mean, I really HIT the curb. When I parked, my tire was flat. I busted my tire! I tried to change it myself and then freaked out. Turns out I didn't jack it up high enough and I could've changed it.

So, I called work and my boss is very nice and cheery when he answers the phone. He's like, "how are you doing?" I'm like, you don't want to know. So I tell him I have a flat tire and I'm going to be late to work. He says to call if I'm going to be more than an hour late. 45 minutes later, the tow truck finally shows up. He tows me to a body show my friend recommended. I pay the tow truck guy. My friend's friend said I just need a new tire and rim. He changes the spare for me. I drive down the street to get a new tire. The tire guy is like, where's your rim? I'm like what rim? The one I bent? He's like, oh, if it's bent then you do need a new one because it'll just break.

Finally, almost two hours late I show up to work. Fortunately, my brother dropped me off. Since I didn't have time to get lunch and I didn't have a car to go get lunch, I was going to see if I could catch a ride with some of my coworkers who go out to eat. Naturally, they went to lunch before I could ask them and I was on the phone so I couldn't stop them on their way out. On my lunch, I started to walk one direct, changed my mind, went the other way. Then I realized I forgot to sign out of something, went back and signed out. Started walking again, then changed my mind. Went back to work and had ice cream for dinner.

About ten minutes before I got off work, my brother texted me if he could leave the house. We live about 25 minutes away.

Fortunately, the next day I got my car back and it only cost me $50 for the new tire and rim... but I can tell you know (since I'm finishing this post up on Wednesday) ... things haven't gotten much better ... or much worse I suppose ... but it sure has been a rough three days.

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