Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things are supposed to get better


Tuesday I picked up my car and went to work. No sooner than I had gotten settled in that I overheard a conversation about me. It was easy enough to overhear and boy did I feel rotten. Just when I thought I was doing fine ... I get a bomb dropped on me and find out I'm not. On the bright side, at least now that I know what I'm doing wrong I can fix it. Still, not a good feeling, you know?

THEN today, I felt so bad during the first part of my shift. It felt almost like I was starting all over again. The day went pretty smoothly. On the bright side, I didn't have to handle the difficult stuff on my own. I had assistance. I just hate having to have someone walk me through the stuff that I should already have down.

On my way home, I had just left work and turned onto the main street to go home when I noticed my car sounded funny. I pulled into the nearest gas station and got out to check it out. The tire I just had replaced .... was FLAT! I got out the stuff to try and change it ... and the bolts wouldn't come off. It took me half an hour before I finally gave up. I backed my car to the air thing and see if I just needed to reinflate my tire. The tire inflated and I prayed that it was all I needed to do. I hit the highway, stayed in the slow lane, and kept a moderate speed. I was worried about blowing out my tire or getting a flat on the highway.

As soon as I got off the 105 and onto the 110, I pulled off the freeway to check my tire. So far so good. I made it all the way the Nina's house without an incident, going at a snail's pace. Let's pray the tire holds up tomorrow morning.

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