Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Talk about a Manic Monday

Long long day today. Where do I begin?

First off, I had to report for Jury Duty today. As I wrote earlier. They let us go for lunch around 12. I went down to the Los Angeles Mall because there was a Carl's Jr in their food court. Line was too long by the time I got there. I even skipped taking the elevator down to the ground floor by taking the stairs instead. No wonder my calves were hurting! They still do a little. Add the new shoes that aren't the best for walking shoes plus lugging my laptop bag around...

I ended up getting spaghetti that came with salad and a slice of wheat bread. Too bad I didn't walk around the food court more. I would've found the Sbarro and gotten that instead of the random little cafe type place I ended up at. I should found Ruth and asked her where she was going to lunch. Turns out, one of the ladies from church was in the same jury pool I was. She caught me during the break but when they dismissed us for lunch, she left before I could find her. After lunch, I went back to the parking structure to put my laptop away. I figured I could read for the rest of the afternoon since I couldn't go on Facebook.

About ten till four, they asked all the remaining jurors to return to the carpeted area. We were done for the day! My name was the second one read, so I was out of there. It took me a while to figure out how to get through the maze that was Downtown and then deal with rush hour traffic. What normally takes about 25 minutes from my house to work took 45 minutes from the Walt Disney Concert Hall to work!

As soon as I got to work, I had phone call after phone call after phone call. Then e-mail after e-mail after e-mail. Strangely enough... the live chat was non-existent! Interesting.

Since I got to work late, I went on break late. It was 9 by the time I took my dinner break. I usually go around 7 because that's the four hour mark, which is half of my shift. Since I got in at 5, it was habit for me to go at 9. I tried to go earlier, but I kept postponing it. I should have gone earlier. I went down to the Starbucks closest to work.... and they had just closed! They closed at 9. What kind of Starbucks closes at 9??? I guess the kind that doesn't get much foot traffic. Instead, I went across the street to Rite Aid and got two Double Shots with Energy (they were 2 for $4) and another tub of ice cream. We were down to the last tub of Thrifty ice cream. Unfortunately, they were back to regular price so I was only able to get one. Last week (and the week before), they were 2 for $5. Now they're just $5. Well, 4-something with tax. I guess if anyone doesn't want chocolate fudge brownie, they can get their own. I'm not spending $5 on just vanilla. And yes, I have a coworker who wants just vanilla.

When I got back, I only had about 10 minutes left to eat so I made instant oatmeal... but since I didn't have a measuring cup I had to estimate how much water to put in. I didn't put enough and ended up with slightly chunky oatmeal that turned into congealed oatmeal once it cooled. Lovely.

I didn't get home till almost one. One of my coworkers needed a lift home since her ride didn't show up. I offered to take her since it was on my way home. And then I would also have an extra person with me when I stopped at the gas station. My gas light indicator came on when I hit the 105 this afternoon. I knew I had enough gas to get to the station by my house, but I rather not drive the whole way home with the gas indicator on. I've done it before and rather not have to do it again.

So, hopefully the rest of the week calms down compared to this crazy Monday. Even though I spent about 8 hours of it doing nothing sitting in the juror assembly room.

Saturday is going to be crazy. I'll get home from work around 1 as usual and then have a birthday party to attend in West Hills in the early afternoon. Then in the late afternoon/evening, I have a graduation party in Downey. Not like my car doesn't get enough mileage during the week right? Between my brother driving it to Santa Monica and back, then me driving it to El Segundo and back. It's good thing my car gets decent mileage on the freeway.

What happened to the days when I could sleep over 12 hours when needed to? Those days are long gone! Like I was telling Nina last Saturday, free time is a luxury I don't have too much of these days anymore. Last Saturday was my only free Saturday of June. The life of a working gal.

And loving it.

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