Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Law of Mondays

Is there some rule that all Mondays have to be Manic Mondays?

No kidding. Today was crazy busy. Then again, maybe because it's the first day after a weekend and we have to catch up from people calling and e-mailing over the weekend and our office isn't open then. The funny part is when people accuse us of not having our office hours listed when it IS listed on our website.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I need to get my ticket for Wednesday game still. And Billy is taking my car in the morning to take his last final. Lucky for him, the gas light came on while I was driving home from work. I didn't want to drive to the 76 on Glendale Blvd so I pulled off on Manchester right off the 110. It's not exactly the neighborhood I'd like to be in at 1 AM but when you have to get gas ... I could've gassed up closer to work but it was 4.11 out by work. It was 3.95 at the one I went to. There was on person there when I pulled up by the time I got out, she was gone. The clerk was locked inside her little room and there was a bum asking if he could pump my gas for me. I had already pumped my gas and was just getting a copy of my receipt from the clerk.

Yes, I know. Pumping gas at 1 AM is a very bad idea in most areas. Even the well lit ones. There was no way Billy was going to put gas in my. Since we've been sharing my car, he's only put about $12 in towards gas... and he wanted me to pay him back for it!

He just got a new car (well, a used car but a new car to him) on Saturday. He has to get the paperwork taken care of at the DMV and then add it to our insurance policy. We just had our insurance policy changed so I told him to wait till after the 18th to change our policy again. My mom wants him to wait till my dad gets back from Cambodia. He can just drive the Wagovan around for a month. Though, he might not want to. He really likes having a cup holder in his car.

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