Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New camera

So, yes, I finally gave in today and went shopping for a new digital camera before work. I found a great deal at Office Depot... and wouldn't you know it... they were all sold out! She said all the stores in the area were sold out. I asked her if that included L.A. because I am actually in the L.A./Glendale/Burbank area. She didn't go back to check. She just said it was sold out.

There was a Best Buy down the street so I went there and found a cheapie one for about $65. Now I'm having buyer's remorse. I have the receipt and haven't opened it. Maybe I'll return it tomorrow if I find a better deal else. I haven't opened it yet. I can still return it, right?

Why am I looking for a digital camera now? I finished that disposable camera and the photo guy at CVS said the photos may not come out well since the film is old (2008). Well, the photos came out but yeah, the quality is just ... not great. I couldn't even scan the negatives because the scanner wouldn't accept the negative. I might place an order at work and have the negatives scanned there. I definitely want to retake at least one of the photos with the players that I took using the disposable camera. The other two players were sent down already and Rubby... I'll think about it. If I have the opportunity, I might retake it. I still need to retake the photo with Marcus Thames. That was the last photo I took with my digital camera before I lost it. I never had an opportunity to download that one.

I did find some really nice ones at Office Depot, but they were about 79.99, which was about 20 above what I paid for at Best Buy. I really liked the Office Depot ones though :( I forget what the model was. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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