Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The weirdest thing

When I got in the shower this afternoon (it was like 2:45 EST) I was just waking up. Then as I looked down, I see this humongous purple thing on my ankle. As I try to scrub it off, it wasn't coming off. It was a bruise! Guys... there's a bruise on my ankle. Not only do I not know where in the world it came from, it looks like a smile. I should put two dots above my ankle to turn my bruise into a smiley face. The bruise itself is about two and a half inches long and mebbe half an inch wide. And the corners turn up, so it does look like a smile. At first, I was like, somebody tell me my cousin pranked me in the middle of the night by putting paint or something on my ankle. But as it wouldn't come off, it was like, oh goodness it's real. It's really a bruise.


Stacy said...

Ok you've got to post pictures up of your bruise. That is crazy! How is looking today, any thoughts as to how you got it yet?

FallingLEAVes said...

Well, the majority of it has faded. There's still part that's a blotchy red. The other part is now like a faded bluish-purple. Argh. I wish someone had a SD slot or USB cord that I could use.