Sunday, February 11, 2007


My cousin Kevin is my hero! I asked him if he might have any USB cords for a digital camera. He pulls out a cord from a box, and voila! It worked. So here you go guys!

This one is a picture of the airplane's wing and the horizon as the plane was entering the Atlanta area. It was close to landing.

That's one of the goldfish(?) at the restaurant. Everytime I see the fishes I think about Alan and Diane's little goldfish, Starvin' Marvin. Would Starvin' Marvin get this big if he was in a bigger tank and not in a tiny bowl?

I don't know if ya'll can see it ... but that's the mysterious bruise! Most of the lighter part has faded to a lighter purple. But the darker part is now like a blotchy red.

Cows! Look guys, cows! So, who wants to go cow-tipping with me? Any volunteers? Shelley? That's just down the street from where my cousin Karen lives. I remember my first visit here, which happens to be the previous visit, one morning after it had snowed, I went out to get the mail. I had watched one of the neighbors walk down very carefully to his mailbox to get his mail. Didn't know why, until I tried it myself. The driveway was very slippery. So, when I got down to the end and got the mail, I looked down the street and there they were! Cows! Karen says you can hear them sometimes too.

Then this morning, my cousin Nelson and I were just sitting in the living room when I looked out the door and saw a ball of fluff on the frontyard. I went outside and the little ball of fluff disappeared up the tree. I found it, snapped it's picture and voila! It climbed down and started to jump away. Yes, jump. It didn't run or scurry like the squirrels back home in LA. It hopped!

Then after the squirrel, I spotted a dog across the street. It came over and played with me for a little while. It was quite friendly. It even gave me a kiss on the lips that I totally didn't expect.

Much different from Karen's dog, Romeo. He just lounges there all the time.

Gotta say, I do love my camera. Like Stacy said, I'm on cloud nine.

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