Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Ar/Eav Family Tree

In case you get confused. Let me break it down what family members I have here.

In Asheville, there lives my Uncle Tony, the oldest. He has three boys: Ling, Steve, and Michael. Ling has two kids, Alicia and Justin. Steve has two kids, Asia (3) and Paris. I just found out about Paris the other day. Michael is expecting (well, his wife is).

Here in Brevard, I have the rest of my family. I'll start with my mom's side, because there's just one. My Uncle Heng. His two kids are Nelson (11/8/91) and Joanne (9/29/94). Growing up, they were ALWAYs at my house. Joanne used to follow me around the house all the time and we'd play board games.

Where do I start with my dad's family? I guess I'll start with the boys, the twins. There's Uncle Sann. He's got two kids, Richard (2/20/91) and Eileen (3/30/94). Then there's the other twin, Uncle Meng. He's got three: William, Brandon (5/7/92), and Brenda (8/26/95). William is in college, so I won't be seeing him during this trip. Hehe they used to live in the same apartment as we did. I remember when Brenda was born. I used to go up to see her all the time as a baby. She was so cute. My brother and Brandon are about the same age. So they used to play together a lot. One time, my brother came downstairs in tears, saying Brenda hit him. She was a baby at the time, mind you. And Billy had to be like two or three. I know he was no more than four because he was four when we moved to the house.

Then there's my Aunt Christina. She also lived in LA until over a year ago. She's got three kids: Stephanie (9/10/86), Philip (5/10), and Peter (3/4/94). Stephanie's the same age as my sister and going to college at UC Davis. Then there's the youngest, my Aunt Letty. She's also got three kids: Karen, Kevin, and Kelly.

There. Now if I mention a cousin, you'll know (sortof) who they are. Then there's the rest of us who don't live in NC. That's me, Tina, Billy, Jenny, and Wendy.

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