Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Angelina is the coolest!

So this afternoon, while I was resting in NC after a red-eye flight with minimal sleep, I get this text message from angelina:

Russell Martin is at PCC! But only the first one hundred people get autographs and I missed it by 2!

He is right here in front of me and I can't even get his autograph!

I heard they might let ten more in so I'll wait around... but I didn't know they'd be here so I don't know what to get signed!

He signed my sunglasses too you can have them if you want lol

And btw Andre was way nicer than him

Anyway, so I talked to Angelina and this is how it went I think. HOpefully she'll put it up and we can hear the whole story. She told him she had a friend who was in North Carolina who was his biggest fan. And that her friend wished him a happy early birthday (his birthday is February 15, the day I fly back to LA). Technically he was only supposed to sign one thing, but he signed her sunglasses and a notecard for me! Yay! And here's what Andre Ethier (outfielder) had to say about the sunglasses: "she wants you to sign her sunglasses...dude, Russ, that's hardcore."

LOL If I ever get a chance to have Andre or Russ sign something, I'll be sure to bring SUNGLASSES!

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