Wednesday, November 30, 2005


That's what I decided to nickname the coffee boy! Actually, it's short for Beanie Boy. First two letters of each name, BeBo. So, if it sounds like I'm talking about a person BeBo not the community Bebo, then it's Beanie Boy. So, BeBo did it again. I got another mocha. He took my order and said it would be ready over there. Hehe. Two in one week. Wow! Two in a row! Patricia said, "See I'm not the only one. I'm proud of you." She was laughing when she said this, of course.

We had a Hingham walk in today. He happened to come in the same time as the District Manager (Erika) and the Loss Prevention Manager (Linda). Linda held the door open for him, he came in, looked at something, went outside and sat on the bench for a long time. Linda told us, he's going to steal your shirts. Point-blank, blunt. So, Patricia stayed on the Petites side of the store and watched for him. He never came back. We also had a good day today. Our target was a little over 2000. When I left, we had 1600 in. And I met my target today. Yay! My target was 1095. I had 1055 before I left. Before my shift ended, I got a 200+ sale, putting me over my target for today. We had a really slow day on Monday. By the time my shift ended, we had around 150 in. We got hit by a lot of returns on Monday. We had a lot of returns today, too, but most of them bought something else in exchange. My target on Monday was really low, like 895. Yeesh. Hmmm I hope I met my target. I'm now held accountable for productivity. Hehe. If I surpass my target by so much, I get a Red Rose (gift card).

Okay, to make this blog even longer... Gabriel quit his other job yesterday. And he was like the top associate for Express. I won't go into details, but I just wanted to say that he quit his other job. Hehe... and he's still confusing me.

Okay, I need to be studying!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Mocha #1

Poor Gabriel got sick the day before Thanksgiving. Once again, I am thoroughly confused. Though, I have to admit, I am enjoying the attentions of the oppposite gender.

Plus, I got a free mocha today! Patricia has told me about the guys at Gloria Jean's giving her a free mocha, but I've never gotten one. I have yet to ask for the punch card. For every ten drinks, you get a free one. How many drinks have I bought? Definitely more than ten! I probably buy about three per week, on an average basis.

So today, when I go to GJ, BeBo (Beanie Boy) was working. I saw him earlier when we went to do the money drop. I think he might've saw me too. Well, he said he'd be right with me cuz he was serving two ladies. When he was done, he took my order (which doesn't change much). He said, "I'll take care of you over there," which is where we pick up our drinks and where they run the credit card sales. So, he gets my drink (which is a blended drink!) and hands it to me. I pull out my debit card and he says, "no, it's okay." I walked away with a huge smile cuz HE was the one who gave me the free drink.

Hehe... Patricia tells me that the owner/manager of GJ treats her employees horribly. Which is why they always give away free drinks. Last time, Patricia turned in a full card which gives her a small drink. But the guy gave her a large instead. She said she'd take whatever size the card gave her, but he said, "whatever." Before, when the guys gave her free drinks, and she'd tell her husband about it. So, one time, her husband asked her, "are those guys still giving you free drinks? You have to take me down there to meet them."

Thursday, November 24, 2005


After reading Matt's blogs about vices... that's what I thought I'd title my entry today. First of all, on Saturday, Nina and I went to Target to get her new cell phone, plus get some food. While we were there, we stumbled upon the Nintendo DS pack with Nintendogs for 149.99. I couldn't resist! My inner child was screaming "buy it buy it!" So I did. I've been wanting one for months now. And I was finally able to get it. It's teal blue! It's not dark blue like the one I wanted, but I'll settle for teal blue. I got a labrador retriever and named him Charlie. I tried to name him Linus (sorry Won) but the name didn't stick. So, I named him Charlie.

And today... my friend Leah and I went to go see the new Harry Potter movie. She wanted to go to the midnight viewing, but my dad would shoot me if I did. Then again, lately I have been coming home late. So far so good. He hasn't come storming in yet. This by far must be one of the better HP movies. It was serious and funny, as Melina said herself. Too bad I didn't have Nina to chat with during the movie. Not like her dad would let her watch it, or not like she knows anything about HP. Lately I've been quite a talker during movies. Where did that come from? When Cedric showed up, I leaned over to Leah and said, "it's always the cute one who dies."

Nitpicks: there's always got to be some nitpicks when a book is turned into a movie.
1) the relationship between Hermione and Krum isn't as big as it is in the book.
2) the ladybug reporter isn't discovered, and that storyline isn't really there
3) at the end of the book, there's a scene with Sirius. I miss that scene

Monday, November 21, 2005


So, I'm more confused than ever. I didn't spend a lot of time in the stock room today. So, Gabriel and I didn't get to say hi until much later than usual. Instead of being busy stocking the floor, I was busy steaming some shirts that were just hung up. When we did say hi, he gave me a soft peck on the cheek. Same as when we said bye. It's like our ritual or something. the other week he didn't consider me saying "hi" as saying "hi." We had to do our "ritual" i guess you could call it. The whole hug/semi-hug + peck on the cheek. But today, he squeezed my arm, my elbow, and my chin. What's up with that? Too bad no one actually reads this, cause I really want to know what's up with that? Come on fellas!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Yao Yin Hui

Yao = Eav = handsome, elegant
Yin = silver, cash, money, wealth
Hui = favor, benefit, confer kindness

Yao Yin Hui = Linda Eav!
Finally, after 21 years, the mystery of my Chinese name is solved!
So, last year when my uncle said we could be related to Yao Ming, he wasn't pulling my leg. After all, we do share a last name. It's not a very popular last name either. My cousin said it's ranked like 98, where Feng and Chen are like the top two.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Drama, Drama, Drama

Okay, so this upcoming weekend has been preceeded by lots of drama. First of all, the person who I was going with (who shall remain nameless in this blog) bailed out, found a way to go, and then found out she was supposed to work on Sunday but said she'd go to the wedding anyway, and finally called at 9:30 tonight to say she couldn't go after all. My word! Thank God (really I do) that I had a back-up plan. Sigh. Too bad my dad won't let me drive up. I would if I could. I drove to Richmond for Justin's wedding and then to Sacramento so Diane could spend time with her nephews. So I have driven that distance before. I drove the entire way back and forth. I don't know what's more frustrating. On top of that, she said I could not understand what she was going through with her dad being a jerk. Ummm I have stories of my own that I could tell, but I absolutely will not. These are things I have always kept to myself and I probably always will. I know how hard it is to talk about things like that. The only person I've told such things to was my dear cousin Jenny. And my journal. My journal knows every detail that I fail to say. Poor thing of late has been neglected. As has this blog. Then again. I don't think anyone knows I have this nor does anyone read anything I write.