Monday, November 28, 2005

Mocha #1

Poor Gabriel got sick the day before Thanksgiving. Once again, I am thoroughly confused. Though, I have to admit, I am enjoying the attentions of the oppposite gender.

Plus, I got a free mocha today! Patricia has told me about the guys at Gloria Jean's giving her a free mocha, but I've never gotten one. I have yet to ask for the punch card. For every ten drinks, you get a free one. How many drinks have I bought? Definitely more than ten! I probably buy about three per week, on an average basis.

So today, when I go to GJ, BeBo (Beanie Boy) was working. I saw him earlier when we went to do the money drop. I think he might've saw me too. Well, he said he'd be right with me cuz he was serving two ladies. When he was done, he took my order (which doesn't change much). He said, "I'll take care of you over there," which is where we pick up our drinks and where they run the credit card sales. So, he gets my drink (which is a blended drink!) and hands it to me. I pull out my debit card and he says, "no, it's okay." I walked away with a huge smile cuz HE was the one who gave me the free drink.

Hehe... Patricia tells me that the owner/manager of GJ treats her employees horribly. Which is why they always give away free drinks. Last time, Patricia turned in a full card which gives her a small drink. But the guy gave her a large instead. She said she'd take whatever size the card gave her, but he said, "whatever." Before, when the guys gave her free drinks, and she'd tell her husband about it. So, one time, her husband asked her, "are those guys still giving you free drinks? You have to take me down there to meet them."

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