Thursday, November 24, 2005


After reading Matt's blogs about vices... that's what I thought I'd title my entry today. First of all, on Saturday, Nina and I went to Target to get her new cell phone, plus get some food. While we were there, we stumbled upon the Nintendo DS pack with Nintendogs for 149.99. I couldn't resist! My inner child was screaming "buy it buy it!" So I did. I've been wanting one for months now. And I was finally able to get it. It's teal blue! It's not dark blue like the one I wanted, but I'll settle for teal blue. I got a labrador retriever and named him Charlie. I tried to name him Linus (sorry Won) but the name didn't stick. So, I named him Charlie.

And today... my friend Leah and I went to go see the new Harry Potter movie. She wanted to go to the midnight viewing, but my dad would shoot me if I did. Then again, lately I have been coming home late. So far so good. He hasn't come storming in yet. This by far must be one of the better HP movies. It was serious and funny, as Melina said herself. Too bad I didn't have Nina to chat with during the movie. Not like her dad would let her watch it, or not like she knows anything about HP. Lately I've been quite a talker during movies. Where did that come from? When Cedric showed up, I leaned over to Leah and said, "it's always the cute one who dies."

Nitpicks: there's always got to be some nitpicks when a book is turned into a movie.
1) the relationship between Hermione and Krum isn't as big as it is in the book.
2) the ladybug reporter isn't discovered, and that storyline isn't really there
3) at the end of the book, there's a scene with Sirius. I miss that scene

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