Wednesday, November 30, 2005


That's what I decided to nickname the coffee boy! Actually, it's short for Beanie Boy. First two letters of each name, BeBo. So, if it sounds like I'm talking about a person BeBo not the community Bebo, then it's Beanie Boy. So, BeBo did it again. I got another mocha. He took my order and said it would be ready over there. Hehe. Two in one week. Wow! Two in a row! Patricia said, "See I'm not the only one. I'm proud of you." She was laughing when she said this, of course.

We had a Hingham walk in today. He happened to come in the same time as the District Manager (Erika) and the Loss Prevention Manager (Linda). Linda held the door open for him, he came in, looked at something, went outside and sat on the bench for a long time. Linda told us, he's going to steal your shirts. Point-blank, blunt. So, Patricia stayed on the Petites side of the store and watched for him. He never came back. We also had a good day today. Our target was a little over 2000. When I left, we had 1600 in. And I met my target today. Yay! My target was 1095. I had 1055 before I left. Before my shift ended, I got a 200+ sale, putting me over my target for today. We had a really slow day on Monday. By the time my shift ended, we had around 150 in. We got hit by a lot of returns on Monday. We had a lot of returns today, too, but most of them bought something else in exchange. My target on Monday was really low, like 895. Yeesh. Hmmm I hope I met my target. I'm now held accountable for productivity. Hehe. If I surpass my target by so much, I get a Red Rose (gift card).

Okay, to make this blog even longer... Gabriel quit his other job yesterday. And he was like the top associate for Express. I won't go into details, but I just wanted to say that he quit his other job. Hehe... and he's still confusing me.

Okay, I need to be studying!


MsPoppins20 said...

I think I need to start reading your blog more, your life sounds rather confusing!! So, where is it that you work now?

FallingLEAVes said...

LOL it is confusing at times! I'm still confused. I work at a clothing store called Talbots in the Glendale Galleria. It's okay. I was beginning to wonder if anyone read or even knew I had a blog

Rational Icthus said...

Of course we read your blog!

FallingLEAVes said...

Hehe so far that's at least two people