Sunday, January 01, 2006


Okay guys! After looking at pictures on Simon's website, I have declared that I officially want a new camera! No more shopping sprees for this lady till my camera is retired. (BTW Anyone interested?) However, I have no clue what kind of digital camera is a good one to get. I'd really like to get the new Canon Powershot that everyone seems to have right now. BUT (and that's a very big one) I don't want to spend money on new media storage devices. I already have a 256 and 516 MB memory cards (CompactFlash). The new CP used the SanDisk (I think) and not Compact Flash. So, any suggestions? I expect replies on this people (especially from those who take lots of digital photos as well hint hint Jennifer and Simon!!!) And yes, I do have a price limit. NOT TOO MUCH. Say... 250? Does that sound good?

Here's the backstory, I currently have a CanonPowershotA310. I bought this because my friend has a Canon Powershot and it works well for her. So, I thought the Powershot would be a good choice. Boy was I wrong about this one. It's too slow for my liking. I don't know about you, but for me, it takes forever taking pictures. It's very fickle. It also uses AA batteries. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE A DIGITAL CAMERA THAT REQUIRES AA BATTERIES. Even using rechargeable ones, it ain't all that great. And the quality is okay, but the zoom is terrible. So, I'm in the market for a better camera.


Goliath said...

My parents just bought the new Powershot and seem to really like it. However, it IS $350. I have another friend who purchased the new Konica Minolta at 10 MegaPixels(I think, it's at least 8 or 9). The Konica Minolta is around $300. I would save up your money. As it is, buying any camera will mean that it is obsolete in less than 1 year(by the time it's warranty wears out). Also, the Powershot is getting great ratings.

In regard ot your media, Compact Flash and SmartMedia and other formats are kind of being made obsolete. The only real accepted formats anymore are the SD, xD, and MemoryStick mediums, although even the MemoryStick is less popular. So, you might want to buy something that you know you will be able to still buy cards for in a few months time...

FallingLEAVes said...

Yeah, I've been looking and at this point, I gave up on the price limit. LOL I'm just gonna save up and buy whatever I want, no matter the price. Well, okay, as long as it isn't like 1500. Still, the powershot is great! But, it does take SD. I already have two CF disks and don't really need more.You are right about the CF being obsolete. I have only found a handful of cameras that use CF. Almost everything else is the three you mentioned. So far, the hunt is going good. I just can't afford anything yet. It may take me awhile to save, but my personal deadline is before camp meeting.