Saturday, January 07, 2006

Coffee hook-ups

Okay, so BeBo may not be the only guy hooking me up at Gloria Jean's. But, he's the most consistent and well... the only one that really matters. But sometimes, I get an extra punch on my punch card. Today, the guy punched three punches instead of one. I already had two punches, so he finished up the row (there's two rows of five). And yesterday, the guy put a ton of chocolate sprinkles/shavings (whatever they are) in my mocha. But yeah, BeBo is the only one to give me a free mocha (or discounted one). Actually, I already get a 10% discount, being a mall employee and all. But, sometimes he undercharges me. Like, instead of charging me for a regular, he charged me for a small. Hehe. It's a good thing the owner of GJ doesn't read this, plus, I don't even know his name yet! He had that nametag on again. Same name, but he had the name tag on his sleeve.


Goliath said...

BeBO?!? You ahd me really wondering if you had lost your senses since is what I thought you were talking about. I really didn't understand at first. But now, I do. It's the guy. Why don't you ask him his name? Or how do you know his name isn't BeBo? Meybe it's short for his first and middle names?

Benjamin Bogart = BeBo? See what I mean??

FallingLEAVes said...

I thought I already explained who BeBo (BeanieBoy) was!

MsPoppins20 said...

Don't worry... you did =) Way back in one of the many posts about Bebo/Gabriel. What had ME confused for the longest time was the fact that you were actually switching between talking about two guys! Why are you so confusing Linda? Come on... how is this fair?