Monday, December 12, 2005

Still confused

Okay, since the last post, things have continued to be confusing and get more confusing all the time. Nina found out through her classmate (who works at Gloria Jean) that BeBo's name might actually be Jose. BeBo has continued to give me free coffee everytime he rings me up. And if he's there, and someone else rang me up, he makes my drink instead of the person who rang me up. So, yesterday, we went to GJ to get coffee. I paid for Nina's and mine. BeBo rang us up. His boss was there, and I noticed the furtive glance he gave in her direction. Mind you, I did have my wallet in my hand and ready to pay. Yet, he still charged me only for Nina's drink. Someone else made Nina's drink, but he made mine. And he had a name tag hanging on his apron, which read "Johonny" I think. It was hard to see.

Here's an update on Gabriel (the stock boy). He continues to give me hugs and pecks on the cheek. Also, he has called me "sweetie" once or twice. Plus, he likes to squeeze my arm/elbow/back of my neck/etc. Can you say confusing?

Now, don't get confused. Jose is the coffee boy who I don't know at all, while Gabriel is the stock boy who I work with on a regular basis.


MsPoppins20 said...

Wow... thanks for the clarification on that one Linda. I was getting confused there for a second. That sounds intense, and exciting and terribly confusing all at the same time.

Rational Icthus said...

Now, these are all nice Christian boys who go to the Apostolic Faith Church, right? ;)

FallingLEAVes said...

I'm working on that

Rational Icthus said...