Monday, December 05, 2005

Bebo has a name!

Hehe... I found out what his name is (or possibly is) through a coworker of his who is a classmate of one of my friends. What is his name? I'm keeping that to myself.

So today, before I went to work, I went to Gloria Jean's to get my daily coffee fix. BeBo was at the cash register. I got up to the register and he says, "Regular blended white mocha?" I didn't hear him at first, so he had to repeat himself. Kinda like yesterday. I had to repeat myself to be heard over the noise. I said yes, and then he said, "It'll be ready to the left." I told Patricia I got another freebie and she said she ought to start sending me for her mochas. Tracy said, "someone must like you." I said, "well, it is the same guy." She said, "You might have a boyfriend by Christmas," and then asked me if I thought he was cute, if he worked in the morning, etc. And then she said, "I should check him out to see if he's okay for you."

Okay, yesterday I got a double whammy! We went to the galleria to drop off the wreath for my assistant manager. While we were there, we had lunch at Red Robin's. After lunch, we went by GJ to see if BeBo was working. He was, so we got in line for coffee. I had my back to the line. All of a sudden, an arm comes around and gives me a hug and peck on the cheek. It was GABRIEL! We talked while we were in line. He gave me two more hugs/pecks before we parted. And today, Gabriel called me "sweetie." What is up with that?

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