Thursday, August 10, 2006

Job opportunity

Hey, I need ya'll to pray for me about a new job opportunity. Yesterday, I was checking my e-mail during my day off. There was an email from a librarian at PCC (the college I go to), and she sends out job announcements to all the library students at PCC. Normally I don't pay too much attention to these, since usually I'm underqualified. The last one I considered was at Franklin High, which was close by. But the hours and pay wasn't what I was looking for. Then yesterday's email didn't catch my eye either... until I looked at the bottom of the email and saw who the email was coming from. It was the SAME librarian I worked for when I was in high school! I called her up, and she didn't recognize me at first. But when she finally did... she got really excited! And I got really excited! I didn't think I had a chance getting this job, and I still don't. But I'm gonna try. I'm gonna try.

So, what is the job? I went online today and got the application and the job descrition. The title is library coordinater, and the qualifications is just a high school graduate and two years experience. Now, guess what the pay is? Right now, I'm working 12-22 hours a week, getting paid 10/hour. The monthly salary is 2358-3015 /month (Range 39 - whatever that means). That's more than double what I make now when I was working full-time! And this is a FULL-TIME position.

So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for me and if this is the Lord's will it will work out. And if it isn't the Lord's will, that's all right with me.

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