Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things can't get any worse...

... RIGHT?

You'd think having my windshield looking like it does would be bad enough. Guess what? After church tonight, we had pizza downstairs. I looked at the clock and saw it was time to take one of the kids from Sunday school home. We got to my car, which is parked right under the light in our parking lot, and I unlocked it. I opened my side and looked on the passenger side. I thought to myself... "why is the passenger side such a mess? I don't remember leaving stuff ... on ... it..." That's when I realized my passenger side window was COMPLETELY smashed in. There was nothing left of the window. Then I realized, my center console was open (both the top and the center), my glove compartment was open, and there was glass EVERYWHERE.

What was taken? My cell phone, which silly me, I left on my side of the car. My hand vacuum which I left in the passenger side. It was dead anyway. I had forgot to take it back inside the house to charge. A bunch of my Russell Martin baseball cards that I left in the top center console. They left a couple, but took most of them. That's about fifteen cards. No big deal. I got most of them off EBay anyway. I didn't even realize that till I saw the top center console was empty and I was trying to remember what was in it. Worse of all, since we didn't have orchestra tonight, I thought I'd be smart and put my clarinet in the back seat so I wouldn't forget it after church. I'm guessing whoever did this probably saw me put the clarinet back there and knew whose car to target. Funniest/weirdest thing they took? Erin's tank top that Nina left in the car.

My initial reaction was, what do I do? I went inside and told Brother Byron about it and he called the police. They took my report over the phone. Then I called my cell phone company to report my phone stolen. Funny thing was, three different people called my cell phone and said someone picked up on the other side. Shelley later told me when she saw me come down, she knew something was wrong because I looked freaked out and ready to cry. I really did feel like crying. JR said after church, he came outside and saw someone walked quickly out of the parking lot. He thinks that might have been the person. Oh yeah, they left what they used to break the windshield. A giant screw driver. It was big!

HOWEVER, I am thankful my camera wasn't in the car when it happened. I happened to have it in my purse tonight. I am thankful nothing else was taken. The biggest thing of course is the clarinet. Other than that, nothing really serious. They left the stereo, they left all my CDs and CD cases (there were a few that were autographed). The stereo was the company stereo, so it probably would've been harder to pry out of the car. Another thing I'm thankful for? Instead of getting both windows replaced two separate times, I can now do it all at once? See, if I had replaced my windshield yesterday, I'd have to go back and get my passenger side replaced tomorrow. Man, those repair people would be like, "Lady, you must have some luck!" Now I can just go to one place and get them both replaced at the same time.

Another thing that I am thankful for is that at least my car was broken into at church. Weird right Well, if it had happened at work or at home, I would be completely lost because I wouldn't know what to do. At least, since it happened at church, immediately I went straight to my pastor. He called it in and I gave the police the report over the phone. Then he helped me call in my phone to report it as stolen. They have Cingular, so they just dialed it in on their phone. Nina and Kevin helped clean out the car. Then Juan, Nina, and Kevin saran-wrapped the passenger side. We went to the quarter car wash and used their vacuum to get the rest of the glass cleaned up. My dad was really mad about the car being broken into. Firs thing he asked was why do I even go to church? Of course, I can never express this to him because I don't even know how to say this to him. I am thankful it happened at church, instead of somewhere else. Because it happened at church, I had this incredible support system around me that kept me from breaking down or really freaking out. Had it happened anywhere else, I don't know what I could have and would have done.

Here's some fun quotes to go with tonight's event.
From Juan, "Now you really have a ghetto car."
From Shelley, "Your car has more dents and bruises than a stray dog."

I would post pictures up, but I forgot my camera at Nina's house. I really don't want to go back and get it tonight, especially the shape my car is in. What a week(end) this has been for my poor car. Poor Turtle. First the tree branch on Thursday night, now this. I think Turtle deserves a treat once he gets some treatment.

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MsPoppins20 said...

Poor Linda!!! I feel so bad for you. First the tree and now this. I hope that everything works out for you in the end. Will your car insurance cover your clarinet? It's a long shot, but I don't even know. Hang in there, I'm sure you week will go nowhere but up from here! =)