Sunday, July 22, 2007

10 - 3, there goes my record

Down the tube. That's my third loss so far, two in a row. Hmm maybe my lucky streak is over. The game could have been over and a victory to boot when Kemp dropped a fly ball. It looked like he didn't get a good jump on it. I saw Joe and Jose. They were in the row ahead of us. When I talked to Jose, the team was ahead. Then in the ninth inning, the Mets tied it up, and in the tenth, they scored the winning run. Russell struck out THREE times. And while Garciaparra managed to hit his third (?) home run of the season, he had the final at bat of the game and struck out. LOL I actually don't remember how many home runs he has. Furcal led the game off with a home run. The last four games my cousin and I have gone to, at least two Dodgers have homered.

July 8 - Martin and Ethier
July 18 - Ethier and Gonzo
July 19 - Kemp and Kent
July 22 - Furcal and Garciaparra

And we've got one more game left to go to. July 31st. Hopefully the Dodgers will get back in the winning groove! I told Jose that since the last time I saw them, I've gone to three games where they won two and lost one. He said I ought to go to more games. That's what he said last time. My response the first time was, well, if I go to more games, that means I'll get more losses. I liked my one game loss. But as long as I have more wins than losses, I'll be fine.

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