Sunday, July 15, 2007

Talk about a suicide squeeze

In case you don't know what a suicide squeeze is, it's a play in baseball. According to wikipedia, "In baseball, a squeeze play is a sacrifice bunt with a runner on third and fewer than two outs." Actually, what I was referring to in the title isn't really a suicide squeeze. I just hate being squeezed on the freeway, that's all. Every week, I get squeezed a couple times trying to get onto the freeway to go to work. Today, on my way back from the Long Beach Airport, I was in my lane when the car to my right started to veer into my lane. No problem, right? Except he was RIGHT next to me. So, I started to change lanes, but unfortunately there was a car to my left. I was able to veer enough to avoid collision with both vehicles, though it scared me to death for a few seconds. Also earlier this week, I was in my lane when the truck (think pick-up, not semi) started to change lanes. Only problem was, he was neither in front of me nor behind me. He was next to me! What is going on here? Do I need a bigger car so people will stop trying to squeeze me out of my lane and into the next car?

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