Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dodged a bullet tonight

Okay, not literally.

Tonight was one of the games I was supposed to go to. Okay, so I had hoped to go to a lot of games this week. Tuesday was the night I had planned to go with Tanzy and her cousins. But that didn't work out. I wanted to go to tomorrow and Saturday's games because they were day games, but I have work both days. The games I am going to? Thursday and Sunday.

How did I dodge a bullet? If anyone paid attention to tonight's game, the Dodgers LOST. Big time. The final score was 15 - 3. FIFTEEN to THREE??? So, since I didn't go to tonight's game, my record remains 9 - 1, instead of dropping to 9 - 2 if I had gone. Well, my cousin said maybe the outcome would've been different if I had gone. Probably not. I think it would still be the same. Because it doesn't matter if I'm there or not. After all, it's not like it matters who's in attendance. It matters how the Dodgers are playing. And well... tonight, they dropped the ball.

Though I would've loved to have been there to watch the "Mike Lieberthal" highlight reel showing on the jumbo screen. Read this article and scroll down. It talks about how the last time Mike started, he got flowers and balloons. How hilarious!!!

As for dodging a bullet, I get to dodge vehicles all the time. Today, I was getting on the 110 from Riverside Drive and some jerk decides to try to run me off the road. The courteous thing to do is a) slow down and let the car get on the freeway, or b) change lanes. But nooo, he decides to keep speeding on, nearly pushing me off the freeway.

My cousin told me about this "Dummies" book for driving in L.A. One of the tips was, have AM 980 on your radio dial so you can get the traffic report on the one, every ten minutes. I asked her if the book mentioned anything about the fact that you can't get traffic reports when the Dodger game is on. I also asked her if that reminded her of me, because my radio is almost always on AM 980. I like to listen for traffic and sports reports.

I'm sad. Penny pitches Saturday. Hendrickson pitches Sunday. At least I get Lowe on Thursday.

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