Sunday, July 15, 2007

"I'm looking for the Russell Martin girl"

That's what the guy said when I answered the door tonight after I got home from work. It was the neighborhood Dodger fan. Uhh for the sake of conversation, let's call him Roger the Dodger fan. Roger has come around a couple times. He's one of the neighborhood guys who likes to go out for walks. Shall I recap my encounters with Roger?

#1. I think I had just gotten home from getting food for my brother and he was walking by. He made some comments about the Dodgers, Russell "the muscle" Martin, and who's number 1.

#2. I just gotten home (again) and was getting ready to head out. He was walking by and he said hey and that he had a "vote for Russell" sticker for me. He said he'd bring it by and leave it on my car. Unfortunately, he caught me just as I was heading out. He came back and I was gone.

#3. He rang the doorbell just as I got home from work and changed. Again, I was headed out. He said he and a little buddy had been saving something for me. He had two Russell Martin tops baseball cards. They're the ones they hand out to kids 14 and under on Topps Tuesdays. He said he still had a sticker for me. Oh yeah. What did he say when he rang the door bell? "I'm looking for the Russell Martin girl."

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